Flat cards and invitations

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  • Standard cards: 300 gr/m2 (glossy or matt).
  • Premium cards: 300 gr/m2 (gold); 250 gr/m2 (parchment, recycled, linear, watercolour); 240 gr/m2 (iridescent).
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Thanks to personalised blankets for making my mum so happy with this gorgeous gift for life!

Sara (Cumbria)

I've just received my blanket and I love it so much that I want to order another one!!

Keri (Norfolk)

After worrying about delivery and trouble ordering - the blanket arrived this morning. Can I say it is FABULOUS. Delighted with the product, the photos have come out really well. a HUGE thank you. Please get the website sorted your business will go strength to strength. Great Product and Speedy Delivery - Thank you so much

Kathryn (West Yorkshire)


Types of paper

Standard cards and invitations

We call Standard cards those which have the most basic and usual type of paper. This paper has a grammage of 250 g/m2 in its glossy version, or if you prefer the matt finish, it has a grammage of 300 g/m2.

Premium cards and invitations

Premium cards are those that have different types of paper, more original, eye-catching and of better quality. You can choose between several types of Premium paper:

Golden Finish

  • Weight: 300 g/m2 smooth, metallized.
  • Elegant metallic white gold finish, glossy, ideal for the most important events.

Iridiscent Finish

  • Weight: 240 g/m2 smooth, metallized.
  • By definition, iridescent means "showing or reflecting the colors of the iris". A glossy finish that changes with light.

Parchment Finish

  • Weight: 250 g/m2 rugged.
  • Similar to parchment paper in rugged texture and appearance of the paper.

Recycled Finish

  • Weight: 250g/m2 rugged.
  • 100% recycled paper for those who want the most ecological option without losing quality.

Lined Finish

  • Weight: 250 g/m2.
  • Fine line modern textured paper, with a very light and subtle linear relief.

Watercolor Finish

  • Weight: 250 g/m2.
  • Warm texture with a slight relief similar to the finish of watercolor.

Regular applications

This type of cards have as their most popular and habitual use that of wedding, baptisms and communions invitations; as well as invitations for birthdays or to other events that require an invitation from the organizer. Even, within the weddings, baptisms and communions sector, they are used not only to invite our friends and family, but also to organize the guest tables, writing on each card the people who should sit there, and also adding a name for the table, and a photo or custom design to our liking with the name and date of the event, an illustration, etc.

Other applications are those of thank you cards for a person or group we want to thank for any reason; or even as change of address cards, to warn all your friends and family of a change of residence in an original way.

They can also be used for advertising objectives, for companies, professional events, etc. While it is true that flyers and brochures are more popular for this purpose because of their lower price at the cost of less weight and thickness, cards can be a good option for anyone who wants to gain in quality and weight for their advertising cards.

Create cards and invitations with your personal touch

Design your own personalised cards, or choose one of our pre-designed templates. This type of cards and cards are mainly used as invitations to weddings, baptisms, communions, birthdays and other events.

The personalisation is total for each side of the paper, without leaving any type of white margin or unpersonalised zone. The grammage of these cards oscillates between 240 and 300 gr/m2. They are thicker than flyers and brochures, more common in advertising and not so much as invitations.

There are several sizes to choose from, both squared and rectangular, all of them in small formats (from 5 cm. to 20 cm., approximately, in different combinations).

And in addition, there are different models and types of paper , from the most standard to other very original, elegant and different models.

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