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  Colour Management

Images sent

When you upload your images and photos from your computer to our servers, we set the color profile to sRGB and replace the embedded profiles with sRGB v4. This conversion, being an intelligent conversion, makes no noticeable changes to the colors of the original image, although sometimes, with images with more particular features or less common profiles, it may mean less color fidelity.


Another recommendation is to configure your monitor correctly. A well-configured monitor and our color management will allow you to safely pre-visualize the colors of your images as they arrive: what you see will be the final result you get. These are our recommendations: 

  • Make sure that the sun does not shine directly on your monitor, that it may not cause too much brightness, nor in darkness.
  • Check that your monitor has a suitable configuration: Gamma: 2.2, Brightness: 90-120 candles p/m², and color temperature: 5000 kelvin.
  • If you are a professional and want even more accurate color management of your screen, you can use a colorimeter.


If you use any graphic editing software, or viewer (such as Photoshop or Lightroom) it is important that you recreate the printing conditions in the software so that you can see as realistic a preview of the colors as possible. For example, in Photoshop choose "View" > "Test Settings" > "sRGB Monitor" from the top menu. 

Operating System

Check that your operating system has a correct profile applied to your monitor. 

On Windows:

Control Panel > Color Management. Next, select the corresponding monitor and check the option "Use my settings for this device". Now click on "Add" and choose the "sRGB IEC61966-2.1" profile from the list and set it as the default profile or select your most recent monitor calibration.