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For High Tech lovers

If you are looking for the best High Tech gifts, you are in the right section. Here you will find our selection of products for High Tech lovers. From mobile phone cases to mouse pads, everything is personalised.

Choose the product you like best and design it to your liking with your favorite photographs, a groundbreaking design or a text that motivates you every day. There are millions of different ways to get a unique item.

You can also use them as merchandising for your business, customising them with your company's logo and details. This way your customers will always keep you in mind and will come to you in case they need your help.

How to Personalise Mobile Cases

Your phone accompanies you everywhere, so you need to protect it with the best cases and custom covers. In this section, we have compiled our different models of custom covers for Huawei, Samsung, iPhone and Xiaomi mobiles.

If you don't know how to make custom phone cases, we're going to explain it to you because it's so simple. All you have to do is choose the model that corresponds to your mobile and then design it with your favourite images or designs. All our products are printed in full color, with the latest technology machinery. The colours are crisp and very vivid. You'll love the look of your phone with these custom sleeves and cases - it'll look like a new phone!

Personalised cases: make the difference

The word "case" suggests flexibility, total adaptation to your phone. On our site, we have an extensive catalogue of silicone or gel cases, all designed with the photo, design or text you want and, of course, flexible.

These models are personalised transparent covers, that is to say, in origin it is totally transparent and, from there, the user decides if his photo or design will cover the totality of this one or will leave parts without designing so that the back of the mobile will be seen. In the case of the transparent iPhone case it gives a lot of game. These mobiles have their logo on the back and, thanks to the power of customization, you can create a design that revolves around the apple or make the logo part of the final design. For example: a movie character, an animal eating the apple or someone holding the apple in their hand.

This type of silicone or gel custom flexible transparent cases are enveloping, i.e. they wrap around the back of the smartphone and the sides. In addition, each model has the corresponding holes necessary to leave the buttons and camera free. This model is very good for protecting your mobile from falls, because it absorbs the shock better than other cases. So your personalised case has a double value as a gift: it decorates and also protects the phone.

If you don't know how to decorate a mobile phone case, a different option is to make it using drawings. With any of the drawings that your little ones paint, you can scan them and turn them into a PNG. You will be able to make transparent covers with very original drawings and you will be able to carry a part of them always with you.

Personalised cases: give it a vintage touch

The customised mobile phone casings are made of rigid PVC, i.e. hard plastic. In this case, they are not transparent like the other ones, but have a white base colour.

On this we will print in full color the design, photo or image you want to have and get a unique and original model. Like the other model, these customizable cases are also enveloping and cover the area behind and the sides of the smartphone.

Of this type of material, we only have for some models of Huawei and Samsung Galaxy.