Personalised glass plaque Number 1
Handmade product
  • Sizes: 6,6 cm (width) x 11,8 cm (length) x 1,9 cm (thickness)
  • Without minimum quantity
  • Material: glass.
  • Personalised on 1 side.
  • Storage box included.
  • Ideal as a prize, trophy, souvenir, award etc.

A glass trophy for the number 1

There are moments in life that require recognition, a special mention for that person who has achieved a milestone in their life. The personalised glass plaque in the shape of the number 1 is perfect for this.

This is a commemorative glass plaque that will highlight a goal or feat that person has achieved. These trophies are ideal for multiple occasions and will always make the recipient happy!

These glass trophies are personalised with the design of your choice, you can choose from a range of pre-designed templates on our website or you can create your own personalised glass plaque from scratch. With the logo of the sports association, with a personalised phrase or a company logo. Any option is perfect for personalising a glass trophy from scratch.

The engraving on the glass trophy is of high quality, and it is delivered inside a black case which makes a very elegant set, ideal for any special occasion.

Glass trophies personalised with the design of your choice.

There is no special event without a personalised glass plaque. They are a very touching detail that will create a lifelong memory. In this section you will find a lot of pre-designed templates that you can modify and make them the way you want, perfect for the occasion you have in mind.

Personalised glass plaque number 1

If you can't find a design that suits your needs, you can also create a personalised glass trophy from scratch. Just think about the occasion and a little about the person or group of people you're giving it to and you're sure to create the perfect gift for that special event.

A world of personalisation within the reach of anyone to create a unique and lifelong memory.

Personalised plaques and trophies as recognition or gifts

There are a multitude of events for which we can personalise a crystal plaque, some of the most commonly used ones are:

  • Sporting events: in a sporting competition, the personalised glass trophies given to the winning person or team will become a lifelong souvenir. It doesn't matter what sport is associated with the gift, football, padel tennis, handball... The recipient of the glass trophy is going to love it.
  • Gifts for special occasions: our personalised trophies are perfect for any occasion, but the most popular ones are Father's Day, Mother's Day, etc. with phrases such as: My mum is number 1, for which this glass plaque in the shape of 1 is perfect.
  • Anniversaries: this is a gift that is used a lot on these occasions. For example on a wedding anniversary, a silver wedding, gold wedding or any special anniversary between couples. A glass plaque commemorating the celebration of your anniversary.
  • Homage: one of the most popular options is to personalise glass plaques as a tribute to someone. Either for their dedication or involvement in a project or for different associations as a special mention for their help.
  • As a retirement gift: in retirement celebrations it is a classic to gift a personalised plaque to the person who is retiring, in recognition of their work during all those years in the company.
  • And if we want to look for other uses for glass plaques we could also include paperweight or as decoration in the office, trophies always give prestige and the most important and beautiful ones are always those made of glass.

Just think about the occasion you need it for and how you want to personalise it and we will make sure it looks perfect.

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