Personalised Jewellery

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How to make personalised jewelery

When it comes to enhancing a look, accessories are also important. Jewels are usually the most recurrent element when it comes to getting the most out of your oufit. Therefore, we have created this exclusive selection of jewels with photos and names. In this section, you will find all our personalised jewelry for women, men or children made in gold and silver.

They are engraved jewelry and are usually the most special gifts, ideal as gifts of anniversaries, birthdays, Mother's day or Father's day, among others. Any occasion is good to make such a luxurious and exclusive gift, because you can also personalise it with the photo, design or text you want, we'll take care of the rest.

The most elegant option is to put text. Normally, you choose to put the name of the person who will receive the gift, but also dates, initials or phrases. You can also combine both options: photo and text. We will record everything with care and precision on this one, so that you receive it as you want.

Personalised jewels for mothers

Jewels feel good to everyone, but especially to moms. Many of our clients opt for our different pendants and bracelets as gifts on occasions such as Mother's Day, birthdays or Christmas, among others. It is a very emotional detail that manages to captivate them, because in them you can engrave everything you want.

You can also create jewellery for mothers and children, that is to say, create two models and in them you can put a phrase that is important for you, a date, your names... It can be a different gift that will unite you forever.

How to clean silver jewellery

One of the most frequent questions when taking care of a piece of jewellery is how to clean it for better conservation. Within our catalogue, we have some that are made of silver and we are going to indicate some very simple methods with which you can clean them easily and keep them longer.

Normally, they usually use products such as bicarbonate, detergent or even toothpaste together with water. These are the most homemade methods, but there are also specific jewellery products ideal for cleaning jewellery.