Personalised mirrors

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Google Reviews

I just want to say thank you very much for ensuring the product has arrived on time. I have received it, and it is fantastic! Thanks to the team, and I will certainly be recommending the service! Best regards, Omar

Omar (London)

I looked to find a feedback page but couldn't see one so I thought I'd contact you this way because I simply HAD to tell you just how utterly beautiful the blanket is that I ordered,which arrived today. Absolutely stunning,especially as I was a little worried that one of the photographs I submitted might have been a bit less sharp than the other. I ordered it in time for Christmas for my sister-in-law who lives in London and suffers from M.S. thinking it would be a lovely little snuggle item for her...."Kevin" is still very much with her but dear little "Tilly" never forgotten. Now that it has actually arrived I honestly believe she is going to feel rather more strongly about it than as merely a is beyond lovely and the quality of both the prints and the blanket are superb. I'm now very seriously considering ordering one of our beloved dogs that are no longer with us,just for me and my would be absolutely gorgeous,I'm sure and you included a card with a generous 30% discount code so I may well be back shortly; in the meantime I simply wanted to let you know that when I opened the parcel this afternoon me and my husband were open-mouthed at such a beautiful,lovely item. Thank you very,very is truly beyond my expectations.

Karen (Isle of Wight)

Just received the blanket I ordered from you and its PERFECT!!!! Ordered for my Dad who is now 89 years young, and tricky to buy for re Christmas, so he now have a blanket with a collage of all our family, something he ca, wrap round his knees, with love of his family, something that will bring a lot of joy. Superb idea, and thank you so very much!!!

Laura (Cheshire)


Look where you want

There are some essential objects to carry in your bag. One of them is the mirror, the one that gets you out of trouble when you haven't had time to do your make up at home or when you need to do it after work. They are very practical and comfortable in the stressful day to day.

You have two models, one with cover and the other without, but both are completely personalised to your liking. Choose the image or design you want and do not forget to always carry your personalised mirror with you.

You can also use it as a promotional gift if you have a hairdressing and beauty business, for example. And you personalise it with the logo and the data of the business.

Personalised mirror badge 59mm

If there is something that should never be missing in a bag or toilet bag, it is a mirror. It's a must, because you can arrange yourself whenever you need it or put on your make up if you haven't had time to do it at home. Our personalised mirrors are very practical and they have the perfect size so that you can take it in the day to day comfortably.

Design it the way you want with our pre-designed templates or with your favorite images. They can also be a promotional gift perfect for beauticians and hairdressers, customizing it with business data.

Personalised round mirror

Day-to-day stress causes you to leave home in a hurry and not have time for everything. Hence the importance of always carrying a personalised pocket mirror with which you can use to put make-up on on the way to work or with which you can rearrange yourself at any time.

Our personalised mirrors with lid are the perfect size for any bag. When opening, you will find the two interior mirrors: 1X and 2X magnification, so you can retouch to the millimeter. The exterior of this is made of leatherette and the personalisation is complete on both sides with the photograph, text or design you want.

This is a very practical and essential product in any backpack or bag. It can be a good gift from guests in any event or as a merchandising gift, because in it, you will be able to put the corporate colors, logo and data of the company. This way your client will always keep you in mind. We are sure that you will not be able to leave home without it.

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