Personalised XL snow globe

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  • Measures: Item size: 105x150x105mm. / Size of the pictures inside: 51x73mm.
  • It holds two pictures in the globe (one on each side).
  • The surface of the snow globe is made of a soft flexible plastic.
  • The foot of the snow globe is made of hard plastic.
  • It includes 4 pre-printed designs for the snow globe foot.
Google Reviews

It has arrived today and is amazing thank u for doing such a great job.

Sarah (Cheshire)

I know some months have elapsed since my daughter received the blanket I ordered through your company, but I have been meaning to email and Thank you so much for the Wonderful job you made of the blanket. I live in Australia and our daughter has been living in London for the past 12 months, so for her to receive the blanket with photos of special people from home and also places she has travelled meant so much to her. The clarity and brightness is amazing and once the order was finally placed, the delivery time frame was exactly as you had quoted. Congratulations on a job Well Done. Once again Thank You so Very Much for such a beautiful product.

Charmaine (Greater London)

Would just like to say my blanket arrived this week and its absolutely fabulous, I'm thrilled with it , the quality is exceptional ,its a gift for my mum in Scotland who hasn't seen it yet, its pictures old and new of family members, I'm sure she will cherish it , thank you once again

Theresa (South Yorks)


Photo ball personalised

If you're looking for a different photo frame, why not opt for a snowball with photos? You can add two images, one on each side, and inside these are isolated from the liquid of the container. Select your favourite photos, a nice design or a motivating text. You decide how to do it, the result will be unique.

The surface is made of flexible plastic and the base of rigid plastic. However, it has a particularity that makes it different from the rest. The bottom of the ball includes four designs, already created, which you can exchange at any time. It will look great on your bedside table, your office table or on any surface.

It's a good gift on any date, especially birthdays, Christmas or as a secret santa gift. Don't stay without making one!

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