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The unprecedented moments we are experiencing affect everyone in one way or another.

To the health emergency (people living with the effects and consequences of this disease, in themselves or their relatives; the general fear of contagion in one way or another; the news about health limitations and shortages...), we can add the uncertainty of work, the loneliness and fear of the elderly, the confinement without a precise end date, the school year shortened indefinitely...

But in exceptional moments, we happen to see exceptional attitudes.

Professionals who give up their working rights to care for the sick, even at the risk of their own health, for days on end; civil servants who maintain law and order; workers who carry on working so that the country would not stop and we may not suffer shortages... And the parents, helped by the teachers who continue the educational tasks so that our confined children do not lose their rhythm.

We can all do a minimum to contribute in this situation, even if it is simply by staying at home.

We wanted to buy masks for the protection of our workers, and we were surprised by the general lack of supply. So we decided to make some for internal use with the help of professional advice. We immediately knew that the type of masks we had made, even though they were not for sanitary use, made up for the lack of protective equipment, so we found ourselves, surprisingly, making masks without stopping. We have already donated thousands of masks to the authorities and organisations that need them, and we have launched the #charitymask campaign to enable our customers to participate in this solidary initiative. We will continue to make donations for as long as possible and, symbolically, we will attach each custom mask sold on the site to one of the masks made for donation, giving credit to our customers. The price of the acquired mask is also symbolic as it strictly covers the material and manufacturing.

Moreover, since they are personalized, you can choose a design that will make you smile... that will remind you that #everythingsgoingtobeokay, that we are more than ever together, that we will soon go back to school, that we will be able to hug the people we love again...


Jesús Fernández, CEO of Wanapix

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