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  • Direct printing on 5 mm rigid foam board.
  • Wooden frame (various colours to choose from).
  • Hanging support included.
Google Reviews

I ordered 6 x heart shaped fridge magnets and followed the instructions for attaching the photo (due to the shape). It was one photo that I uploaded. There was a little wait, as the product is not made in the UK, but the quality was excellent and was just as described on the website. I was really pleased with the outcome.

Janice (ROMFORD)


Quality of the highest degree! Quick arrival & made my brother very happy at Christmas. Thank you.

Jason (Northampton)


I wanted to message to say thank you - what a brilliant blanket. Way better than I expected. Well done.

Helen (Southsea, Hampshire)



Photo print with wooden frame

Personalised pictures with the photograph or image of your choice, which we frame with an elegant wooden frame. You can choose the colour of the frame: black, white or natural (brown). The frame includes a stand for hanging.

The photograph is printed directly onto a rigid foam board 5mm thick. This material is extremely light, resistant, and shows a high quality of colour printing.

This product is ideal for those looking for enlargements of framed photographs, as it is a very versatile product suitable for all types of rooms, living rooms or bedrooms, thanks to its wide variety of sizes to choose from, both for those looking for small sizes (from just 15x20 cm) to large format enlargements, with more than 1 metre in length.

Customisation is very easy thanks to the Online Editor, which does not require the installation of any software. All you have to do is choose the desired size and select one of the pre-designed templates available. There are children themed tempates, for Valentines day, for Mother's and Father's Day, for Christmas, etc. In the templates you can add the photos or texts that each template has, which can be from 1 image to a collage with several photos.

Or you can also choose to customise from scratch, not to use any template, and simply upload the photo you want to be printed on the entire surface of the framed picture.


Formats and proportions of the frames

For greater clarity when choosing the size of your painting, we have classified all the sizes according to their format. Within each format, all the sizes shown are proportional to each other. The available formats are:

  • Rectangular Format 4:3: these are rectangular measurements that have a 4:3 ratio, i.e. for every 4 cm. of length, they are 3 cm. wide. It is a rectangular shape that is closer to the square format than the panoramic format. The most popular size for this model is 30x40 cm.
  • Rectangular 3:2 format: These are those rectangular sizes that have a 3:2 ratio, that is, for every 3 cm. long, they are 2 cm. wide. It is a rectangular shape closer to the panoramic format than to the square one, that is to say, they are quite elongated. The most popular size for this format is 40x60 cm.
  • Square format 1:1: square measurements, all sides measure the same. It is a very fashionable model thanks to Instagram photos, which are also square. It is common to buy several square-shaped frames to create collages of frames with different photos.
  • Panoramic 2:1 format: these are very elongated, panoramic sizes, which have a 2:1 ratio, i.e. the longer sides are just twice as long as the shorter sides. Although they can be used with any photography, they are especially suitable for landscape or panoramic photography.
Picture formats and proportions