Personalised Gifts for Babies

Personalised baby gifts

Welcome to our baby gifts section. On this page we have made a selection of products that we consider most suitable for newborns and babies up to 2 years. So if you need original gifts for newborns we hope we'll help you with our personalised gifts with a photo or with the name of the child.

And we are convinced: a personalised product is the perfect original gift for a baby. The reason is that it is an emotional, unique and special gift. It is not a generic purchase made in any store. It is a gift that has been printed or embroidered with the name or photos of the baby. That's why we believe it's the perfect detail for these little people who have just come into the world, or even before birth, are good ideas such as gifts for pregnant women.

On this page we have compiled for you our most suitable gifts for babies and children under 3 years. As they are personalised with the photograph you want, they are ideal as gifts for births, baptisms, their first birthdays, etc. You can create the personalised gift with a photo of the child, or their favorite cartoons, and you will be sure to get it right. Personalised gifts, original and useful, that parents can use to care for the baby.

The Best sellers

In our catalog there are several hundred products of all types and prices. But here we wanted to select those that are perfect for babies and newborns. The most sold and the most popular are the following:

Personalised bibs

A classic to be sure: all babies wear bibs during their first months of life. Here, you will find traditional bibs with towelling inside and personalised outside. And triangular shaped bandana bibs.

Personalised baby cushions

The cushions are very popular, to decorate the children's room, or even to keep them from falling. We have round, square, rectangular cushions... and in different materials to choose.

Personalised baby clothing

We usually give away clothes, and we have custom bodies for babies from 0 to 2 years. You can choose bodies in several different colors and put any photo, design or a funny phrase.

Personalised baby pictures

Back to the decoration of children's rooms, custom tables are very requested. Whether in canvas photo format, framed photos, posters... in our catalog you will find many options, materials and sizes to create personalised photo frames.

Personalised Stuffed toy for baby

What would a baby be without their stuffed animals? Give a teddy bear with the name embroidered and it will be their first best friend, with whom you will sleep at night and hug during the day.

Cheap personalised baby blankets

Gentle personalised blankets, to cover the baby during his naps or while he is lying down or sleeping. Choose size and personalise it with the photos or texts you want.

Personalised baby towels

You can also buy baby towels and bath layers. A practical gift that mom and dad will use every day to dry the newborn after their bath.

Baby baskets

Up until now we have talked about specific products, but when gifts are made for a baby, there is a very popular custom that is to create a baby basket. This is a way to create a set or pack that includes several details. Because if the gift is for someone very close, such as your sister, or your best friend, you will want to make a gift that is especially striking and original.

Within these options, you can create a baby basket as we say, or similar gifts such as baby gift baskets.

In these packs you can put various childcare products, clothes, toys and stuffed animals, etc... And in our case, you can include several of the products that we have already commented, to create a pack of useful gifts all of them 100% personalised, which are practical for the care of the baby and therefore are good gifts for new mothers, which are the ones that will use them together with fathers.