Advertising gifts

Personalised company gifts

The gifts for companies are small advertising items that are given to the customers of a business. In this way, you can build customer loyalty and reach new customers. We have original advertising gifts that you can completely customize to your liking with the logo or design you want.

Promotional gifts are a very powerful source of non-intrusive advertising. We recommend to do practical, original and useful details. So the customer will not feel annoyed, but will be grateful to receive a free gift that can be used daily. It is a way for the customer to keep subliminally in the head our brand.

We have quantity discounts, so that the more units are purchased, the lower the unit cost. Below you can see all our ideas for merchandising gifts. Keep the one that best suits your business.

What is merchandising gifts?

With merchandising for companies, we want to call the customer's attention and direct him towards your business, mainly. For this, different products are usually used, such as plates, ballpoint pens, mugs, stamps, keyrings ... Choose the one that best suits your business model and that you can easily deliver to your loyal customers or those you want to capture.

We have cheap company gifts that adapt to any type of pocket and that you can personalize with your business logo, slogan, company name... Do it differently and get your client to always have you in mind when they need your help.

Personalised company gifts

Conference gifts

Believe it or not, if you are going to a conference with your company, then you might need to sort out some personalised conference gifts. How about making them a bit different from all the other advertising gifts that are given away? The most common items are business cards, tote bags, personalised posters and maybe even bookmarks.

To spice things up a bit you could design a personalised photo pen or a USB pen as it would be a very unique gift. The only you need to have in order would be the logo of your company, and a phrase, text or something else to accompany the logo with. Once you have designed the product you just need to add it to the cart, add the quantity that you wish to order. Remember that we offer outstanding quantity discount should you wish to order more than 1 unit.

Promotional business gifts and personalised promotional items: boost your brand

Promotional corporate gifts and personalised promotional items have proven to be an effective strategy to strengthen the brand image and increase the visibility of a business. These gifts, personalised with the logo and name of the company, become powerful tools that generate a lasting impact in the minds of the recipients. It is an advertising medium that is as classic and ancient as it is still effective.

Personalised promotional business gifts offer a number of advantages and benefits that make them a valuable investment for any company. Firstly, these gifts help to create an emotional bond with customers and employees, showing a gesture of appreciation and generating a feeling of affection on the part of the company. In addition, personalised gifts act as constant reminders of the brand, keeping the company in the mind of the gift giver.

Conference gifts

Gifts for special occasions

There are several occasions when it is common to give these promotional items as gifts. Some of them are:

1. Events and trade fairs: Trade fairs, congresses and business events are perfect opportunities to give away promotional items. Visitors and potential customers will appreciate receiving a useful gift that reminds them of the brand and provides them with relevant information about the products or services offered. And if they can then use it in a practical way, such as a pen or T-shirt, so much the better.

2. Anniversary celebrations: Company anniversaries are ideal moments to thank customers for their loyalty over time. Personalised gifts such as pens, key rings or notepads are popular choices to convey that appreciation.

3. Marketing campaigns and promotions: During a marketing campaign or promotion, personalised promotional gifts can be used as incentives to attract new customers or reward existing ones (known in marketing as customer loyalty). Gifts can be part of a loyalty strategy or as a welcome gift for new customers.

Popular merchandising and advertising items

There are a wide variety of popular advertising items that can be used as promotional gifts. Some of these include:

  • Personalised pens: Pens are a classic in the world of promotional gifts. They are practical, inexpensive and are used on a daily basis, ensuring brand visibility.
  • Personalised mugs: Mugs are another popular item to personalise with a company logo. They are used in homes and offices, allowing the brand to be seen by a wide audience.
  • T-shirts and caps: Customised clothing with the company logo is an excellent option to promote the brand. T-shirts and caps become true ambassadors of the company, as those who wear them spread the brand message wherever they go.
  • Personalised USBs: Personalised USBs are practical and functional items that allow people to carry important documents with them, while reminding them of the brand every time they are used.
  • Agendas and notebooks: Personalised agendas and notebooks are highly valued for their usefulness. They are perfect to give away at events or as a gift to employees, and allow the brand to be visible in people's daily lives, every time they take notes in their notebooks with your logo.
  • Paper bags, cardboard boxes, folders....: Stationery items, such as paper bags, cardboard boxes, ecological folders, and other products, are very common for this type of tasks.

Remember that, when selecting advertising items, it is important to take into account the relevance and usefulness for the target audience. This ensures greater brand appreciation and visibility.

Popular merchandising and advertising items

Cheap advertising gifts thanks to quantity discounts

At Wanapix we offer quantity discounts, which means that the more of the same product you order, the more discount you get per unit. In other words, the price of buying 100 personalised ceramic mugs (for example) is lower, if we talk about the unit price, than the cost of just one order with 1 mug.

It has been proven for decades: promotional business gifts and personalised advertising items play an important role in the marketing strategy of a company. They strengthen the brand image, create an emotional bond with customers and increase the company's visibility. By giving personalised gifts on special occasions and using the most popular promotional items, companies can enhance their brand and stand out in the market.