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Classic Photo-Books

Welcome to our family of PhotoBooks, where you will be able to create your own photobook with your photos. They are all printed by high quality printing.

The first thing you have to know is that, as a main feature, a Photo Book always has all its flexible pages. This is its main difference from Digital Albums, another product that you also have at your disposal in our catalog, and which have their rigid pages.

For this reason, Photo Books are the most popular option for those who want to create a book with photos of their holidays or family moments. On the other hand, a Photo Digital Album is more directed to reports of weddings, baptisms and communions.

Respect to the measures, all our Photo Books measure 20x30 cm. (closed). But you can choose different thicknesses, i.e. number of pages.

How to make a photo book

If you ask how to make a Photo Book , don't worry, because it's very simple. We summarize it in a few steps:

  • Choose a photo-book model
  • Choose size
  • Customize your book photos

Let's explain more about these steps:

1. Choose a photo-book model

In our catalog you will see that we have 2 different models to choose:

  • Classic Photo Book: They have flexible pages but the lids are rigid and padded, high quality.
  • Softcover Photo Book: both the inner pages and lids are flexible. The cheapest option.

2. Choose number of pages

In all our Photo Books you have to choose the number of pages. From 26 pages to 200 pages, in the different models available.

3. Personalise your Photo Book

Here comes the important part. Once you have chosen a digital photo book and a number of pages, it is time to personalize it. That is to say, to upload all the photos to our platform and to prepare each page of the photo-book to your liking. For this, you will use our modern and innovative Online Editor.

Advantages of the Online Editor

The strong points of our app to create Photo Books are the following:

It is 100% online. You don't have to download any programs or software to your computer or device. Simply, you are going to create it online entirely, without heavy downloads.

Save your projects. Creating a photo-book can take some time, as there are several photos to place and pages to edit. We know that, especially if you are a professional, you want to take your time and do it in several sessions. So do not worry, you can save your projects to continue when it suits you.

Automatic Creation. The fastest and easiest option! Choose the photos from your device and the book will be designed automatically. The images will be added in the order that you decide, and in an intelligent way it will place the photos in the best position, since it is not the same to add a landscape photo than a vertical one. The Photo Book will be prepared in a few seconds, and then you can review and modify the final result to leave it to your liking.

... or create from scratch. If you want to make a photo-book totally to your measure and creative taste. Each page will be a blank canvas where you can use your creativity. You will have numerous tools to edit each page and create Photo Books of original photos .

Totally intuitive. You'll see how easy it is to manage. If you want to add photos, text or backgrounds, simply drag where you want to place them in your personalised Photo Book with photos. Or click the photos with 1 click to place them alone in the best hole on each page. No need to explain more: just try and you will see.

Styles and Designs. You can choose a theme to your liking, that is, a series of styles and page backgrounds for your Photo Book. Summer style designs, in love, chic, urban, vintage, baby... choose the one you prefer. Or, again, you can choose to create from scratch your own theme.

Useful tools. Because in a photo-book, not only photos appear. There are other elements that you can add, and that we put at your disposal in our Online Editor:

  • Texts. Add texts, such as captions, dates, names, or descriptions. Choose font, color and size, and place it wherever you want.
  • Templates. Because every page can be different. Maybe in one you want a full page photo, or a collage with 4 rotated photos. Look at our templates and you will see how many options you have.
  • Backgrounds. It is fundamental: the photos are better on a nice background which suits the subject of the photo book. We provide you with many backgrounds so that you can place the ones you like the most on each page.
  • Cliparts. Use our cliparts, which are smileys or illustrations that can make your Photo Book more fun or original. There are dozens, sorted by themes.

As you can see, there are many advantages of our Online Editor when it comes to creating Photo Books. It will be very easy for you to create your Photo Book online step by step. And the most important thing: in person you will see that the Photo Book is of the best quality, as much in materials, as in the quality of the printing.

And not only that: we are very competitive in prices. So if you want a cheap Hardcover Photo Book, you can count on our great value for money.

Trust a company with more than 30 years in the printing sector and create your Personalised photo book .