Gifts for Babies and Kids

The most original gifts for children

We know that a child can be as difficult to surprise as an adult. Depending on their age and tastes, you can leave them open-mouthed. We recommend personalised gifts, because they are always something that will make them happy. Furthermore, you’re able to turn the personalised product into something unique simply by customising it to your own liking.

We want to make it easy for you, that's why we have created this section where we will help you to find photo gifts for children. We take into account all possible ages, from approximately one to ten years old. We are also going to show you some gift ideas for children that we are sure will help you find the best gift for any date: communion gifts for children, cheap birthday gifts, personalised Christmas gifts... Find the best gifts for children on our website!

Personalised gifts for children's birthdays

One of the most important dates for children is their birthday. A day in which they are the centre of attention and where they receive details from family and friends. If you don't know how to find birthday gifts for children you’ve come to the right place. We are going to show you our favourite gifts for them:

Personalised mugs, for all tastes and colours: they are infallible gifts for children. Depending on their age, you can opt for our ceramic model, which you can design with a drawing, with their photo or with any image of their favourite fictional characters. But we also have plastic models, so that the little ones can drink and be safe, in case they drop it, as it won't break.

Personalised soft toys, softness and distinction: cuddly toys are always original toys that you can give to any child, they will love them. These are very soft and you can design them with their photo, with their name embroidered, even with a fun design. We know they will become their favourite cuddly toy. It is ideal, above all, for the little ones.

Diploma for the best child in the world: this is one of our most original gifts for children. It is usually made on dates like these, when you want to reward and congratulate the little one for their behaviour or their great involvement in their studies, among other reasons. This way they can hang it in their room and will always have it in mind.

When celebrating birthdays with friends, we usually make birthday gifts from school. We also have customisable birthday gifts that you can adapt in order to give them a different gift that they can use: badges, caps, school supplies (string backpacks are a hit as a detail in this type of event).

Christmas gifts for children

We have talked about some of the original gifts for children on their birthday, but we also have Christmas gift ideas for children. It is a very special time for them and they live with special excitement and illusion. These are some of our favourite gifts for this time of year:

Personalised jewellery, a forever memory: personalised watches and bracelets on which you can engrave their name, their date of birth, a motivational phrase... Whatever you like!

Personalised Cardboard Puzzles made of cardboard and many other materials: there is no age for puzzles, especially when you can find them on our website in all possible materials and sizes. They are usually toys for children of 8 years old or around that age, when they start to enjoy them much more. But you can start them at any time, choose the one you think is more convenient and have fun.

Magic mug: this is the most original mug model in our catalogue. Personalise a mug with a fun design, their name or a photo and it will glow in the dark. What glows are the white parts, so keep this in mind when you personalise it.

The explorer's kit: they are always on the lookout for new discoveries, if they are very curious you can make a big pack for them to take on their excursions: personalised caps, water bottles and personalised drawstring backpacks.

How to wrap gifts for children and toddlers

Gift wrapping paper usually only lasts a few seconds as the children will open the gifts easily. However, you can make them fun and personalise them. Or for example, make animal shapes so that their presents speak for themselves.

If they are very small, the paper may become resistant. That's why we recommend you make an easy-open wrapper for children. All you have to do is put the typical coloured ribbon on the outside of the gift, this time on the inside. It has to stick out on one side, leaving room for it to stretch easily. When you put it on the inside, don't forget to put tape on the ends. Then all you have to do is wrap it up, and when she opens it, all she has to do is stretch it out. Easy as pie!

Personalised gifts for one year old children

The first year is very special in the life of a child and, above all, for his family. Celebrate it as it deserves and look for the most appropriate and practical gifts for it. Also take into account those toys or activities with which you can promote their creativity and development.

In this section, we have compiled some of our gifts for the little ones. If you don't know what to give, we advise you not to miss our gift ideas for one year old children. We are sure that you will be able to find the detail with which you manage to surprise him.

What to give a child of one year old

When they are so small it can be difficult to find that gift that makes them more excited. We recommend our personalised gifts for children where you will find the most suitable for him. You can design any of the products with a photograph of the child, his name, a fictional character...

Hygiene items and clothing are very useful, because they are still very small and dependent. You can create a children's gift kit with different products that they will be able to use: personalised T-shirts, pacifiers, bibs... Everything you can imagine. The packs are always a success.

The doudous and personalised stuffed toys are also a very welcome gift. You can design them with their name embroidered or with a photo of the child, for example. It will become their favourite stuffed toy.

Personalised gifts for children 2 years old

It seems that it was yesterday when they were born and now they are two years old. Time flies by and children grow up without you even noticing. In a time of so much growth and change, you need to constantly renew their wardrobe, toys... We want to help you, so we have created this section where we have compiled our personalised items more suitable for boys and girls of 2 years old.

It is very easy to buy on our website, because the editor is very intuitive and helps you make the process faster. The personalization allows you to take care of everything and get the most special gifts. If you still don't know what you're going to buy them, don't worry, because we have some gift ideas for two-year-olds that can come in handy.

What to give to a 2-year-old

His birthday is a very special date to celebrate with the family. The first ones, above all, are especially important, because they are still very small. You should immortalize every moment because you will love to see it when you grow up. To find the best gift, we recommend these:

  • Personalised T-shirts, always matching mom and dad: He'll make a difference with his clothes, give him his own style with our T-shirts. You can put in it the image or design that you want. Another option is to make it match the ones worn by you, so it will be much more special.
  • Customized stuffed animals, the softest: at this age they love to play and their dolls and stuffed animals can become their favorites. Besides being very pleasant to the touch, you have the possibility to design them with their name embroidered or with a photograph.
  • The time has come for Cutlery and personalised containers: from the age of three they already know how to eat alone, however, you can start the process earlier and teach them how to eat with a fork and spoon. We also have plastic containers so that, in case it falls, it does not break and there is no risk of cuts.

On our website, you will find many more products which can be very practical for children. In addition, thanks to personalisation, you can make it much more personal by putting their photo, the cartoons that they love or their name. The limit is your imagination.

How to put a 2 year old child to sleep

At the age of two or three years, the little ones have some difficulties when it comes to going to bed. They never find the best time to go to bed or when they do, are afraid or have nightmares. It is common for them to have the fear of the dark, also called nictophobia, but it is completely normal.

To help them overcome this fear, you can put a fear-removing lamp. It provides a very dim light and they will get a quieter sleep. You can also read them any of our personalised stories where they will be the protagonist. These books for children from 2 years old will become his favorites.

Personalised gifts for children aged 3

Habitually, at three years of age the school time begins in children. A very special time for them because they will make new friends and develop their skills every day. According to some experts, it is at this age when they begin to have permanent memories. Make them remember their third birthday all their lives and prepare a different and exclusive gift.

Today they have everything, so it may turn out that they know what to receive. As we want to make it easy for you, we have created this section where we are going to give you some gift ideas for children of 3 years with which you will succeed with total security. All our items are personalised, so you can take care of every detail and make your best gift.

What to give to a child of 3 years old

You do not have three years every day, so we must celebrate in style. It can be your first birthday with friends and have a very fun day. Organize everything, starting with the gifts. Don't you know what gifts to give to a three-year-old girl or boy? Write down our favourite ideas:

  • Personalised stories, a memory for life: our story You already have... is perfect for the little ones to start reading. In addition it is a different memory where he is the protagonist, he will love to have this emotional detail.
  • Children's cutlery and containers: children at this age are already able to eat alone. Make it easy and help him with our children's personalised containers. Besides designing them with their name and the image they want, they are made of plastic, so in the event of a fall it will not break and won't suffer any damage.
  • Bracelets, an infallible: it is a very typical detail both in baptisms and birthdays of young children. Choose the one you like the most and put its date of birth, a small phrase or its name.

Don't think that these are the only gifts you will find on our website, we have many more. Look for the one that best suits your needs and surprise with an original gift gift.

How to play with a 3 year old child

It is always a good time to play with them. There are numerous activities and games that can be done with them so that, besides having fun, they learn and develop their skills.

Puzzles are one of the most fun games to do in family. They also have numerous benefits for children, because it helps them develop concentration and creativity, among many other things. Ours can be designed with the image or text you want, so that it is more attractive. Can you think of a better plan for an afternoon?

Personalised gifts for children aged 4

They grow very quickly and learn more every day at school. At this age they are like sponges, so we must try to enhance their skills and prepare educational activities, while having fun. If their birthday is coming up, what better than to start at that moment. On our website, you will find personalised gifts for children that you can adapt to the maximum and make them exactly as you want.

In this section, you will find the best selection of products on the website and we are going to give you some gift ideas for children aged 4. If you don't know what to give to a 4 year old girl we recommend that you continue reading and don't miss on our ideas.

What to give to a 4 year old child

Making a gift may seem complicated a priori, but it is very simple when you know the person perfectly. In the case of children, it is also very easy, you only have to know which are their favorite fiction characters or what color they like, so you can adapt your gift with the funniest and surprising design for him. These are our favourite products for children and girls of 4 years old:

  • Personalised stories: sooner or later, children learn to read and you can start with our stories. They are very simple and you can turn him into a protagonist so that it will be more fun and curious.
  • Swimming pool towel: between four and six years of age, it is very healthy for children to do aquatic activities. It has numerous benefits: it improves coordination, balance, among others. That's why you can give them a fun children's towel with the photos or designs you like best.
  • It's time to eat!: make mealtime your favorite with our various cutlery and containers for children. They are designed exclusively for the little ones so that they can eat independently and without fear of possible cuts in the event that they fall.

These are just a few ideas, but we invite you to dive into our website because you will find many more products suitable for your little one.

What to play with a 4 year old child

As we pointed out before, it is important to stimulate children with fun and educational games. At this age, they also start having fun with other children their age, so they want to interact with them also outside of class.

Children love to play, so do not hesitate to establish a space at home where they have all their toys at hand. Our wooden puzzles are perfect for the little ones because their pieces are easier to place, it can also be a good activity to do as a family.

Personalised gifts for children from 5 years

The children are in constant progress and development of different skills. At the age of five, above all, they love to explore. Hence the need to ask the why of everything and to be more interested in their surroundings. As we know that it is not a birthday every day, we have some gift ideas for 5 year olds that you are going to love.

All our products are personalised, so you can adapt each product to the maximum with your favorite images and texts. To make it much easier for you, we have created this section with our best selection of articles for children of this age. Thus you will find original gifts for children 5 years old in an easy, fast and economical way.

What to give to a child 5 years old

Today we have everything practically at our fingertips. This can be an advantage when looking for the best gift, but it is also more difficult to surprise them. However, we believe that on our website you will find the best gift for the little one. These are our favourites for children and girls of 5 years old:

  • Bike registration: at four or five years old, many children are encouraged and learn to ride a bike with support wheels. Add a fun touch to their bike with a personalised license plate with their name and their date of birth, for example. We're sure they'll love it, because there won't be another bike like it.
  • Diploma to the best son: the little ones value a lot when we congratulate them, so why better chance than their birthday to give a personalised diploma to the best son in the world. It is a small detail that they love and will hang proudly in their room.
  • The pack of the excursions: at school they are going to make many excursions. Prepare a pack with everything they need so that next time they'll be well equipped. For example: backpack, canteen, cap and t-shirt.

These are just some of the many products you can find on our website. You can also opt for decorative objects to make their room much more pleasant and fun. Or items that can make it easier for you, such as food. With our cutlery and special containers for children it will be easier for them and the time of the meal will become their favorite.

How to teach a child of 5 years old to read

At school, you will be in continuous learning developing new skills. However, from home you can help by creating highly educational games that they can have fun with, but at the same time learn from. Can there be a better way to play? There are life-long games such as puzzles, for example, that help a lot in the development of the child, because it favors concentration and creativity, among other things.

From five to seven years old, it is common for children to learn to read. The adventure can start at home, so it will be perfected and you are the best example for it. If he sees that you read, maybe he will do it too because he will see it amusing. Besides, with our personalised stories you can do it together and teach him little by little. As it is not such a common book and they see themselves as the protagonist in the pages, they will love it and it will attract much more attention.

Start from less to more and encourage them each day, and as it is a joint activity, so you will also spend more time together.

Personalised gifts for children from 6 years old

How fast do little ones grow, right? Turning six is very important for them and is a stage in which they will acquire many new skills. An ideal moment to develop their abilities to the maximum and let their imagination run wild.

As we know that today they have everything, it can be difficult to find the most suitable gift for them. That's why we've created this section where we'll give you gift ideas for children of 6 years old. So don't think about it, if you still don't know what to give to a 6 year old child, stay and read all the ideas we offer you to surprise him on different dates.

Birthday gifts for children 6 years

As their birthdays come close, they get more excited. They enjoy the gifts and also their friends. Do not miss the opportunity to celebrate and invite all their friends, because they are unforgettable memories. If you don't know what to give to a 6 year old boy for his birthday , we'll give you a hand and we'll give you our favorite details:

  • Personalised stories, to enjoy reading: at this age they already know how to read, so personalised stories can be a great option as a detail. We especially recommend our stories The Prince or Princess Valiant. They will become the protagonists of their own story and you will love it.
  • Child backpack, ideal for school : starts to have responsibilities at school, so you can give him a personalised backpack with his name and his favorite fictional character, for example. So you can always take their material with them, they'll even want to take it on excursions.
  • Diploma for the birthday boy: it's a different gift, but we're sure you'll get it right. It is positive to reward and congratulate children when they do things well, so we believe that what better than on their birthday with a personalised diploma. Make the most appropriate design and surprise them.

Gifts for children 6 years Christmas

Christmas is lived with special illusion and emotion in the homes where there are children. The arrival of Santa Claus is very important for them. If you do not know what to give to children of 6 years old for Christmas, we are going to give you our best ideas so that this year you succeed:

  • Puzzles, family fun: it is an educational gift for children of 6 years old and a great entertainment to spend afternoons with the family. We have different models of puzzles in different materials and sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits their level. The puzzles help a lot to the development of the concentration.
  • Personalised clocks: at that age, they love to imitate the adults, so give him a clock thought for him with the design you want in his face.
  • Registration for his bike: it is a very original gift. Between 4 and 6 years old, they usually learn to ride a bike. If you want to add a touch of distinction, put a Personalised registration with the design you want, his name and date of birth, among many other options. We are sure you will love this idea.

These and many other gifts you will find on our website. We are sure that you will be able to get the best of smiles.

Personalised gifts for children aged 7

Between six and eight years of age, children begin the Primary Education. A very important leap for them because from that moment they will have daily homework and tasks in the afternoon. But it does not only imply exams, it also means starting to enjoy time with their friends.

We know exactly what a 7 year old child likes, so if you do not yet know what you can give him on occasions such as his birthday or Christmas, among others, we will help you. We have many ideas of gifts for children of 7 years with which you will get right for sure.

What to give to a child of 7 years

As they grow, sometimes, we do not know very well what to give them, because they have practically everything. However, at this age they begin to develop activities or hobbies that can serve as a guide. If they like cycling, swimming, drawing, whatever the activity, they can inspire you to find the perfect gift.

Children, like adults, love gifts, and the more creative the better. That's why we recommend our personalised products. Personalisation allows you to take care of every detail and you get an exclusive item. These are our favorite gifts for children and girls 7 years old:

  • Game memory: it is the classic game of always matching the same cards, however we have reinvented it. You can personalise it with photos or with the designs that you want, so it will be much more entertaining and special.
  • Personalised mugs: we have a wide catalog of mugs each one more original. Our magic mug, fluorescent, fantasy... All are personalised and get to be the most original.
  • Personalised apron: programs such as Junior Masterchef have created in many children the curiosity to cook. In addition, many of them love to imitate adults, so if your little one loves to be between fires, prepare an apron designed completely to his taste.
  • Puzzles with photo: this type of game is very beneficial because it helps them develop a greater ability to concentrate. We have many types of puzzles in different materials and with different number of pieces. It is also an ideal game to enjoy with the family.

Keep searching our website where you will find many more items designed for your little one. We are sure he will love your gift.

Personalised gifts for children of 9 years old

Special dates require different and incredible gifts. The little one has already grown up and turning nine is very important. That's why we want to make it easy for you and have created a section with the best personalised details for boys and girls aged nine.

The personalisation allows for greater care of every detail and we are sure that with our extensive catalogue you will find the best gift. If you need inspiration, we are going to give you some ideas of gifts for children of 9 years old. Take note!

What to give to a child of 9 years old

We know that it can be overwhelming to see how the appointed day approaches and that you still do not know what to give him. But that is what we are here for, to help you and to really surprise your little one with the best gifts. These are our favorites:

  • Mug that shines in the dark: this is one of the coolest cups in our catalog. It's fluorescent, so it shines in the dark, and you can design it with the image or text you want. The little ones love it.
  • Nostalgic games box: if you don't know what toy to give to a 9 year old girl or to a boy, we recommend you this personalised box full of games. It is a good detail to explain traditional games and have fun together as a family.
  • Personalised clock: one of the complements that boys and girls like the most are watches. Now you can create an exclusive model personalising it with very original designs. We are sure you will love it because there will be no other like it.

In our website, you will find many more products that can be the perfect gift for your birthday, Christmas or the date you need. Just look for the product with which you think you can make a difference and really surprise him. We're sure you'll love it.

Personalised gifts for children aged 10

Getting to the age of ten years is very important children, because they are preadolescents and begin to have changes. In addition it is a very special year, because at this age their first communion is usually celebrated. When giving gifts to children, always opt for the typical, so we recommend personalised gifts for girls and boys, because this way you can make something unique and exclusive from a normal product.

If you want to stand out with your gift, but you don't know what you can give to a 10-year-old girl or to a boy, we are going to give you some ideas that can come in handy. That's why we've decided to create this section with our best selection of personalised gifts for children. Also don't worry about how to make them, because our editor is very simple and intuitive. Write down all our ideas!

The most original gifts

If you continue reading it's because you still don't know what to give to a girl or boys of 10 years old, but don't worry, because when you will have finished you will have found the ideal gift for a boy of 10 years old. It is not difficult when you can take care of even the smallest gift. You only have to know his tastes: favorite team or singer, which movies or series he likes or, if you prefer, add his best photos and give life to our products. These are our favorite gifts for them:

  • Personalised jewelry, the best gift in communions: pendants and bracelets in which you can engrave their date of birth, a beautiful phrase, their name... This type of jewelry are stored with special affection to remember an important moment. It is usually the typical gift in communions, but you can do it at any other time.
  • Fluorescent cup, shines in the dark: this cup is different from the typical ceramic one. Create the funniest design, for example, with the shield of their favorite team. Keep in mind that what shines in the dark are the white parts, so don't forget it when creating it.
  • Personalised T-shirts, a basic one in their wardrobe: although clothes don't usually make special fun among children, it can be a good gift if you know how to get it right with personalization. Give him imagination and make him become his favorite t-shirt.
  • Personalised puzzles, a reinvented classic: puzzles are always a success with children, because they are games that allow them to develop skills and abilities such as creativity or coordination, among others. Now you can design them with the photographs or images you want to make it more entertaining and fun.
  • Personalised watches, make the difference: watches may have many, but none will be as special as the one you can create. Personalize the face with their favorite cartoons and really surprise him.

These are just some of our ideas, but you can continue browsing our website where you will find everything you are looking for and you will be able to give it your most personal touch.