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Gifts for Babies and Kids

The best personalised gifts for the magical world of children

In the incredible world of childhood, every little detail counts, and even the smallest gift can leave a mark in the hearts of the little ones. In this context, personalised gifts for children are the perfect option to create special and lasting details. At Wanapix we offer a wide range of products that can be adapted to the tastes and personality of each child. Let's find out why personalised gifts are ideal and see some inspirational ideas for each age group, from 1 to 12 years old.

Personalised gifts for boys and girls go beyond a simple object; any child loves to see their name printed on a product, or even better, their photo, either alone, with their best friends in class, or with mum, grandpa or aunts and uncles. Or you can even personalise it with an image of their favourite superhero, their favourite princess, or whatever fascinates them at this point in their life, whether it's dinosaurs, cartoons, planets and space... you name it. An item that bears the child's name, a photo or even a drawing made by him or her becomes more than just a toy or a piece of clothing; it becomes a little personal treasure. These gifts foster a sense of belonging and self-esteem, as well as becoming memories they can keep for years to come.

This type of gift is perfect for their birthday, Christmas, as well as to prepare any celebration, to entertain them during their travels, their birthday party... and the range is very wide. Whether it's for your daughter, your nephew, your best friend's son, your grandchild... we can surely help you create that gift that will make them smile as soon as they open it (surely, without taking any care with the wrapping paper...).

Personalised gifts for boys and girls

Gift ideas by age group

Gifts for children aged 1 to 2 years old

At this tender stage, children (almost still babies) explore the world with curiosity and fascination. Opting for soft, personalised gifts is a wise choice - how about a cuddly soft toy with their name on it, or a blanket with their date of birth and photos with their mum, dad and grandparents? You can also opt for T-shirts with funny messages, children's bottles with their name on them to use in the nursery, or small wooden puzzles with just a few pieces, appropriate for their young age.

Gifts for children aged 3 to 5 years old

As children get older, their imagination blossoms. For this age group, personalised puzzles with their favourite pictures will be a great challenge. Or children's aprons to help mum and dad prepare lunch (although they'll probably only "collaborate" by getting their hands and faces dirty), or backpacks with their names on them to make every day at school extra special. In addition, personalised clothes with their favourite cartoon characters will allow them to express their own tastes and personality from a very young age.

Gifts for children aged 6 to 8 years old

At this stage, children are hungry for adventure and creative play. You can opt for personalised cases or mugs with their favourite heroes or princesses on them. You can also explore our range of board games, many of which are already suitable for this age group and which, while already fun in themselves, will be even cooler when they see their face or photos on the game: parcheesi, who's who, memory games and much more. As well as building games and blocks, which are great for encouraging creativity and healthy play without screens.

Personalised capes for their own superhero costume

Gifts for boys and girls aged 9-12 years

As they enter their pre-teen years, children appreciate items that reflect their developing personalities. A sweatshirt or pillowcase with their favourite superheroes or singers will be a hit. Personalised stationery, such as notebooks or pencil cases, will allow them to show off their personalised school supplies in class. They will also like to decorate their room with posters of their favourite things.

Oh, and there are also many gifts for football fans, and at this age many of them start to get hooked on the sport!

These are just some ideas and proposals, but in the end, each girl and boy is unique, whatever their age. We have to analyse their tastes, their preferences, what makes them happiest, or what they can use on a daily basis and they will love it. Take a look at all the products in this category, and in general, on our website, and you are sure to find the perfect combination of product and photo that will fill them with joy.