Personalised gifts for her

Personalised gift ideas for women

Personalised gifts are a hit at any time of year and for any person. Why? Because they involve more work, and it’s a way to create something unique and exclusive and personal at the same time. We all know that it can be difficult to know what to give a woman as a gift. That's why we've rounded up our top picks. Check out our section of gift ideas for her for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and even Valentine's Day...

We have a wide catalogue where you will find pretty much everything you can imagine to give as a gift. We suggest you keep looking until you find something for the woman in your life, whether she’s your partner, your mum or a close friend. We know this can be difficult to find the right one, but we have products that can be personalised with your own design in an original way that will surprise the recipient. We also have cheap gifts for women adapted to any price range, but at the same time of high quality.

Original gifts for women

Generic and normal gifts are not in a high demand anymore. People have started to look for something original that will surprise the gift receiver. That's why it's also important to find personalised gifts for her that can be designed according to her wishes. Think carefully about the design you want your gift to have: It can be a phrase she likes, a special picture of her, a picture you both like, etc. Only your imagination sets the limits!

Below you’ll find a list of our best gifts to make it easier for you to give a gift to your wife, daughter, niece, friend or someone else.

  • Personalised blankets: ideal for sleeping, watching a movie or just to cover yourself while relaxing with a good book. With many different models and sizes to choose from, you can find the blanket that best suits the woman in your life.
  • Personalised tote bags: there is nothing better than moving around on a daily basis, with a proper tote bag. They weigh and take up no space, are handy when you're shopping, at the gym or if you just need to transport something from A to B.
  • Personalised notebooks: a great gift for women who like to keep their things in order. Give a notebook and make sure she doesn't miss important appointments.
  • Personalised jewellery: is a guaranteed hit on any date or occasion. On our website you will find different models that you can customise or engrave as you like.

Personalised gift ideas for her

If you already know that you are going to give her a gift, there are many things to consider before you can actually give the gift. For example, you need to think about her age, as you can't necessarily give the same gift to a 60 year old woman as to an 18 year old girl. In addition, you also need to think and consider what she would like to receive as a gift. For example, if she loves jewellery or personalised bags, then this might be a great gift idea. For example, if she's more into T-shirts with fun prints or maybe some kitchenware, then of course that's what you should give as a gift. You also need to consider the relationship you have with her, because if it's perhaps a personalised gift for your girlfriend, then you could surprise her with a romantic gift, which isn't necessarily something you could give to your mother or to your aunt, as it would be a bit weird. Check out all our great gift ideas for her and choose the product that suits you best and give it a personal design. We’re certain that she’ll be happy with ther new gift.

Once you have considered all the things, then you have probably come to a conclusion about what to give as a gift. Whatever you think of, the gift will only be better if it's personalised. At Wanapix you can find lots of personalised gifts, whether you're looking for personalised jewellery, engraved jewellery, personalised bags, personalised clothing and accessories and much much more. You will easily be able to find a personalised gift with us, as we have more than 1000 different products and lots of categories where you will find the inspiration you need to find just the right gift idea for her

Christmas gifts for her

If you're looking for a little inspiration for her Christmas present, we can help too as we have lots of personalised Christmas gifts for woman that will work as Christmas gift whether it's photo Christmas baubles, Christmas ornaments with a picture, Christmas stockings with photo or something completely unrelated to Christmas. You'll find a little bit of everything on our website, and the best part is of course that you can design and personalise the Christmas gift for her exactly the way you want, meaning you can add a personalised design, picture, text, quote or something else for the personalised Christmas gift.

Romantic gifts for her

Are you celebrating an anniversary, birthday, Valentine's Day or just any other day you want to be a little more romantic? Then you can always consider a personalised romantic gift for her. It could be something as beautiful as a 3D lamp, with that favourite picture of each other that you both love. It could also be a picture of the two of you with your children, dogs or maybe even cats. You could also gift her with a romantic piece of jewellery or a personalised padlock. If you don't know what a custom padlock is, we'll explain it to you here:

A heart shaped engraved padlock is a personalised padlock that you have probably seen on various bridges and other important places near you or on your vacation. These locks are put on to symbolise that love will last forever between her and you. She will simply love this idea and be delighted with this romantic detail with engraving

Amazing gifts for her

Below you will have the opportunity to find a lot of great gifts for her that she will love to receive. All gifts are special and something special in themselves, and therefore she will definitely be happy with what you have thought of designing for her.

Funny gifts for her

Do you need to give a gift to a prankster who's always up for a laugh? Then you should definitely consider giving a gift that will make her laugh out loud or that will make her look like a walking joke. Consider whether it might be a personalised T-shirt with a funny text that will make people laugh when they see her wearing it. You could also consider whether it should be a funny superhero cape or perhaps a pair of personalised socks with funny designs such as her face all over the socks.If she is one of those people who loves to cook and spends time in the kitchen making some delicious gourmet food, then perhaps it could also be a personalised apron that says something as funny as Beware XX is in the kitchen or New in the kitchen. The only limit is your imagination as to what text, image or other you want to add to the personalised product.

Cheap gifts for her

If you don't have a massive budget and you're looking for a cheaper gift for her, you can also find one on our website. We have very cheap gifts starting from 2-3 quid and slightly more expensive gifts up to a 50 quid. The great thing about us is that we have gifts in virtually all price ranges. This means that you can easily and quickly design a personalised gift for her. If she loves reading books, you can give her a personalised bookmark so she never forgets where she's got to when she's reading the book. Besides, she won't lose her book somewhere either, as you will always be able to see who it belongs to on the bookmark with picture and text.

We could mention many more products and types of gifts, but we don't want the article to be much longer. On our website you will find various product recommendations. Either because they are popular or are our best selling products. Age is not a problem either, as you will find gifts for women of all ages: 40, 50, 60 and you can even find something for the youngest woman as well.

You can also choose a funny or geeky gift, or surprise her with a romantic gift. We are sure that you will find and design and design a personal and romantic gift for her and that you will make her smile. She deserves a nice gift.