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Personalised blankets

An overview of the features of our personalised blankets

  • You can personalise them with any photo or design in full colour. Upload as many photos as you like or add text, phrases and names.
  • You can create a design from scratch, or choose one of our free pre-designed templates and edit them.
  • Choose from several different models, and several sizes of each model.
  • On the personalised blankets, you can fully customise one side. We will print your design on the entire surface of the blanket, without leaving blank margins.
  • Choose from several different types of fabric: fleece, coral, Sherpa fleece, etc.
  • You can even choose whether you want the corners to be straight or rounded, on some of the models.
  • Most of the models are suitable for washing machine and tumble dryer.
  • The fleece blankets meet the OEKO-TEX® quality guarantee and have passed the OEKO-TEX® test criterias.
  • Personalised blankets with photos

    One of the most original and popular gifts in our catalogue are the personalised fleece blankets. It's a very useful gift, because.... Who doesn't like a sunday on the couch watching a movie while eating popcorn and keeping warm thank you the photo blanket? It’s only going to be nicer and cosier with a blanket full of photos of family members, friends, funny designs, names, phrases, quotes... or literally any design you want to add to the blanket.

    The most popular design is probably the customised photo blanket with a collage of photos. With our online editor it is very easy to create any design you can image from scratch. All you have to do is choose the blanket and size you want to personalise, choose any of the collage designs we offer, and place the photo you want in each space. The best of it all is that you can upload your images and photos from your computer, tablet or mobile phone easily.

    Wide variety of models of blankets with photos

    When it comes to creating your own photo blanket, you will see that you have many options to choose from. On the one hand, you can choose between "classic" fleece blankets (the best-selling model on the website), but also other types of blankets, such as the coral blanket, which has an extra soft material, warmer and more pleasant to the touch, with a texture similar to velvet. It is very pleasant to be covered with these coral blankets.

    And for those who are always freezing? The best is the blanket made of sherpa fleece. It is a product similar to the classic fleece blanket but it also incorporates a layer of fabric with a sherpa fleece texture, which is super soft and warm like sheepskin. The perfect blanket for people who love to stay warm and cosy on the sofa or in bed.

    Personalised photo blankets

    The coral and sherpa fleece blankets, as well as being available in their "standard" version, are also available in a very original format which we call: a personalised blanket poncho. They are something like a mix between blankets and jumpers or sweatshirts, so you can wear them as a garment to go around the house and, when you put them on, you are covered with a soft and warm blanket. Great for moving around the house in the winter and autumn months while not getting cold.

    All the blankets mentioned so far are personalised with photos printed on the surface of the blanket, in full colour, as well as any design, logos, etc. But we also offer embroidered blankets. Blankets with embroidered names or texts are also very popular. They also have a personalisation component, but more subtle than blankets with printing. This is the case with embroidered baby blankets, which also have the special feature of including a soft teddy bear. To store the blanket, it is rolled up and the teddy bear "hugs" the blanket with its little velcro hands, so that it stays tucked in. A perfect gift for those looking for embroidered baby blankets with their name on them.

    There are other models of embroidered blankets with names, also designed for adults, such as the embroidered travel blanket, which includes a cover with a handle. Or the funny blankets, which are blankets with sleeves, very practical to move around with, and which can be personalised with an embroidered name at chest height.

    Personalised sofa blankets

    All the blankets in our selection can be considered suitable to be placed on a bed or on the sofa. But we can highlight some models as the most suitable to be used as sofa blankets or bedspreads. This would be the case of the blankets and the blankets poncho. Both models of blankets allow you to be covered up and, in addition, to be able to move around the house without having to uncover yourself. They are both a blanket and a garment for the home. You can get up to get the remote control, or to go to the fridge and return to the sofa without having to uncover yourself.

    Customised blankets for beds and sofas

    If your idea is more decorative, then the classic rectangular blankets can be used as bed or sofa covers, and you can use them to decorate a room, as well as, of course, to cover yourself up with.

    Cheap personalised blankets with photos

    At Wanapix you can find very competitive prices to create your personalised blankets with photos cheaply. Logically, the smallest sizes are the cheapest, and the price will go up the bigger the size of the blanket. In any case, whatever size you want, we have quantity discounts available. This means that if you want to buy several of the same blankets, with the same design, the more units you buy, the cheaper the unit cost of each blanket. This is great if you want to give the same blanket to several friends or family members, or if you want to give merchandising gifts, work gifts, gifts for employees, etc.

    When to give a photo blanket as a gift

    There are many occasions when photo blankets, or personalised blankets, are a perfect gift. For example, for Mother's Day or Father's Day, you can create a blanket full of family photographs, both recent and old, with unforgettable photos of you and your brother, children, grandchildren, of the mum or dad who is going to receive the gift. And so you will create a very emotional, special and unique gift. Every time the mother or father covers themselves with this blanket, they will feel even more at ease seeing the photos of their loved ones on the blanket.

    On Valentine's Day it is also a great gift for couples, to watch movies together, on the sofa, covered with a big warm blanket to be together and warm. Or, of course, for birthdays, anniversaries? Or simply as a surprise gift! Any day of the year is a good day to give a gift, like these personalised blankets.

    Personalised blanket poncho ideal for the couch

    Frequently asked questions about our photo blankets

    What sizes of blankets do you have?

    Depending on the model of blanket you choose, you will see that there are various sizes available. The smallest sizes are around 1 metre long, and are ideal sizes for children. On the other hand, the larger sizes are king sizes over 2 metres long or even up to 2.30 metres.

    Are the blankets machine washable and tuble dryer safe?

    Yes, most of our blankets are machine washable (we recommend cold wash) and can be tumble dried. In any case, each blanket model has specific information on washing conditions. Please refer to each product sheet to confirm these details.

    What material are the personalised blankets made of?

    There are several materials to choose from: fleece blankets can be ordered in 100% polyester fleece, in coral fabric, or with a sherpa layer, which we call “sheepskin”. These materials are also available in other models, such as blanket ponchos. You will find this information on our website under each product.