Albums and Photo Books

Photo Books

Welcome to our family of Photo Books, where you can create your own photo book with your pictures. All printed with high-quality printing. All pages are flexible.

Photo Books are the most popular choice for those who want to create a book with pictures from their holidays, family moments, as well as weddings, baptisms, and communions.

In terms of dimensions, all our Photo Books measure 20x30 cm (closed). But you can choose different thicknesses, meaning the number of pages.

How to Create a Photo Book

If you're wondering how to create a Photo Book, don't worry because it's straightforward. Let's summarize it in a few steps:

  • Choose a photo book model
  • Choose the size
  • Customize your photo book

Now, let's explain more about these steps:

1. Choose a photo book model

In our catalog, you'll see that we have 2 different models to choose from:

  • Classic Photo Book: flexible pages but rigid and padded covers of high quality.
  • Softcover Photo Book: both the inner pages and the covers are flexible. The most economical option.

2. Choose the number of pages

In all our Photo Books, you can choose a different number of pages. From 26 pages to 200 pages, in various available models.

3. Customize your Photo Book

Here comes the important part. Once you've chosen a digital photo book and a number of pages, it's time to customize it. Upload all the photos to our platform and prepare each page of the photo book to your liking using our modern and innovative Online Editor.

Custom Photo Book

Advantages of the Online Editor

The strengths of this application for creating Photo Books are as follows:

It's 100% online. You don't have to download any program or software to your computer or device. Simply, create it entirely online without heavy downloads.

Save your projects. Creating a photo book may take some time, as there are several photos to place and pages to edit. We understand that, especially if you are detail-oriented, you want to take your time and do it in multiple sessions. So, you can save your projects to continue when it suits you.

Automatic Creation. The quickest and simplest option! Choose photos from your device, and the book will be designed automatically. The images will be added in the order you decide, and intelligently position the photos for the best layout, as adding a landscape photo is different from adding a vertical one. The Photo Book will be prepared in a few seconds, and then you can review and modify the final result to your liking.

... or create from scratch. If you want to make a completely custom photo book. Each page will be a blank canvas for your creativity. You'll have numerous tools to edit each page and create original Photo Books.

Totally intuitive. You'll see how easy it is to use. If you want to add photos, texts, or backgrounds, simply drag them to where you want them in your custom Photo Book. Or click on the photos with 1 click to have them placed automatically in the best spot on each page. No need to explain more: just try it, and you'll see.

Styles and Designs. You can choose a theme to your liking, meaning a series of styles and page backgrounds for your Photo Book. Designs like summer, love, chic, urban, vintage, baby... choose the one you prefer. Or again, you can choose to create your theme from scratch.

Custom Digital Photo Album

Useful tools. Because in a photo book, it's not just about pictures. There are other elements you can add, and we provide you with these options in our Online Editor:

  • Texts. Add texts, such as captions, dates, names, or descriptions. Choose font type, color, and size, and place it wherever you like.
  • Templates. Because each page can be different. Perhaps on one page, you want a full-page photo, or a collage with 4 rotated photos. Check out our templates and see how many options you have.
  • Backgrounds. It's crucial: photos look better on a beautiful and theme-appropriate background. We provide you with many backgrounds for you to place the ones you like on each page.
  • Cliparts. Use our cliparts, which are emojis or illustrations that can make your Photo Book more fun or original. There are dozens, sorted by themes.

As you can see, there are many advantages to our Online Editor when it comes to creating a custom Photo Book. It will be very easy for you to create your digital online Photo Book step by step. And most importantly, in person, you will see that the Photo Book is of the highest quality, both in materials and print clarity.

And not only that: we are very competitive in prices. So, if you want an affordable digital Photo Book, you can rely on our great quality-to-price ratio.

Trust a company with over 30 years in the printing industry and create your Wanapix Digital Album now.

Photo-Magazines and Eco Album

The best way to preserve a unique and unrepeatable moment is through photography. With our photo magazines and Eco album, you can organize all your images economically but effectively. You have different sizes, and they are very lightweight to store wherever you want.

High-Quality Printing

Both formats are fully customizable so that your albums are unique. Organize the photographs and create themed albums, for example, making it easier to compile the images. You can also opt for the photomagazine, as if you were a celebrity.

As a gift, it can be very special on occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or Christmas. Start creating one; success is guaranteed, and they will love receiving it.