Personalised USB sticks

flash drive
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  • Measurements: 8,3 cm (width) x 5,2 cm (height) x 0,2 cm (depth)
  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit
  • Credit card shape and size.
  • Ideal advertising gift.
  • Capacity: 16 GB.
  • Personalised on 1 side.
  • ID: #15010
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Personalised USB stick

If you don't want to fill up your computer's hard disk, it's best to start using personalised flash drives with photo. This way you will be able to release information from your disk and you will have a copy stored in a safer place so that, in case the computer breaks down, you will have your most important files stored there. Our personalised usb memory sticks have a great capacity for you to save any type of file.

How to personalise my USB

If you have motivated yourself and you want to have one, just look for the text, logo or image you want to put on it and we will print it in full color. They are personalised on one side.

You can design your own personalised usb with no minimum order. We have many pre-designed templates for you to choose the one you like best and, if you are more creative you can use our editor to create the design you want. In our online store you can edit and buy your personalised stick, and you can see a preview of how it will look before finishing the order.

This is a very recurrent gift on dates such as Christmas or birthdays. But it also serves as an end of course detail for a teacher because, in addition, they are cheap personalised USB flash drive.

USB to give away at weddings

Also, flash drives are very popular as wedding gifts: personalised with the names or initials of the bride and groom, the date of the wedding or with a small icon. This way you will get personalised USB stick for wedding as a gift for all the guests. Besides being a unisex gift, it is very useful. It can also be given in baptisms and communions to guests. You did not know what is a memory stick? It receives many names, each one can call it in different ways: usb stick, flash memory, flash drive, usb drive, pen drive... And you, what do you call it?

Personalised plastic flash drives

The most traditional USB flash drives from our catalogue: the plastic USB model. Our personalised plastic USB flash drives have a large capacity (16 GB) so that you can save any type of files. This product has a 360-degree rotating metal casing and no lid, so you'll never get lost. This type of rotating flash drive is also known as Twister or knife type USB.

Colours for all tastes

Choose from six different colors: black, green, red, white, blue, and wood finish. You decide which one best fits the design you are going to put. You can purchase a single unit, as a gift for the person you want, or we also have quantity discounts, for orders of cheap advertising, companies, events, etc.

You can design your own personalised plastic USB flash drive with no minimum order. We have many pre-designed templates for you to choose the one you like best and, if you are more creative you can use our editor where you will create the design you want.

This is a very recurrent gift for companies, or as advertising gifts, since thanks to the quantity discounts mentioned above, you can purchase cheap personalised flash drives by ordering several identical units.

The personalised USB keychains are very useful for students, especially, but also for anyone who has a computer. Ours have a small hole so you can hang it with your keys, for example, so you don't lose it.

USB in the shape of a credit card

Years ago no one would have thought of it, but the truth is that today, it is highly recommended to always carry a USB stick on yourself. Whether you are in the office, at a family member's or friend's home... a situation may arise in which you need to take documents, photographs, videos, etc.

For these situations, this flash drive in the form of a credit card is ideal. Because of its size and, above all, its thin thickness, you can keep it in your wallet, along with the rest of your cards. So, without taking up much space or weight, you will always carry your USB stick with you.

This USB card has a capacity of 16 GB, more than enough size to carry thousands of documents, images, and any type of file.

You can personalize the card on both sides, in full color. You decide the design: you can put photographs, a logo, only texts, icons, etc. Everything to your liking! 100% of the surface is personalised, on both sides.

The flash drive part rotates, and can be rotated for easy insertion into the desired computer or device. And to remove it, it is folded back, so it is fully integrated into the card.

An infallible promotional gift

This product is ideal for personal use, as well as an advertising gift in events, for companies that want to make a gift to their customers and also include their logo, name and contact details.

It's also a good idea for Weddings, baptisms, communions, and similar events where they are offered. You can place on one side a photograph of the protagonist of the event, and on the other side, the date, place of celebration, an illustration... you decide!

In addition, the product has quantity discounts, so if you are going to buy many equal units, the greater the range of quantities, the cheaper each unit will cost.

100% personalised wooden USB stick

The use of USB flash drives is mandatory today, because both at work, at the office, and at home, we are always transporting and storing images, music, videos, and any type of files.

This pendrive has a capacity of 16GB, and therefore, has plenty of space to store all kinds of files.

You can personalise it on both sides , totally to your taste, in full color. Personalise it with a design, image, photos, texts, dates, logos... whatever.

It has a wooden cap that rotates 360 degrees and does not have a lid, so you have the advantage that you can never lose it. This type of rotating flash drive is also known as USB type knife, or Twisting flash drive.

This USB memory has the particularity of having the entire surface of wood, both the casing and the rotating cover. This makes it a specially recommended gift for weddings, baptisms and communions. In this type of events, USB flash drives are common gifts, because it is a detail with a practical use. And for these cases, this wooden flash drive is especially elegant and attractive, against the plastic flash drives, which are more often used as corporate promotional gifts.

The chicest USB stick

This wooden flash drive is possibly the most stylish USB you can find. The outer casing is made of wood and, when closed, you only see a small rectangular, flat object. At first glance, you can't guess what it could be.

Once you remove the cover, you will see the USB connector, ready to connect easily to any device with a USB port.

The lid is magnetic, achieving a more secure closure, and a more homogeneous final appearance, being well closed, giving the impression that it is a small block of wood without opening.

It has 16 GB of capacity, a large size where you can store thousands of photographs, dozens of videos, and any type of files and documents.

Although you can buy from 1 unit and use it as a gift or for personal use, is a product in high demand for large events, such as weddings, baptisms and communions. You can personalise it on one side, and you have total freedom to change and customise the design. You can put a photograph on one side, and a date or text on the other. Or add icons, illustrations, etc. Personalise it to your liking!

Because the case is entirely made of wood, the final appearance is more elegant than other standard sticks, and it becomes an original gift, as well as practical, as it is convenient for everyone to use memory sticks in a regular way to transport and store files, photos, etc.

It is also an ideal gift such as advertising gifts, or corporate gifts, including your name, logo and other data on the USB memory stick's casing.