Puzzles personalised with photos

There are games and hobbies that never go out of style no matter how many years pass. We are talking about puzzles with photos. All of us have done puzzles once, but now you have the opportunity to create your own model, because you won't find another one like this in other stores.

In this section, we have compiled all of our personalised puzzles and in different materials and sizes. They are fun and great as a gift on any occasion. We put at your disposal pre-designed templates so you can make the customization faster, but you can also create your own model from scratch with photographs or texts.

In addition to having different materials, there are also different numbers of pieces, so you can increase the difficulty as you go doing more and more. They are addictive and after making one, you'll want to make the next.

Personalised children's puzzles

The little ones also love them, that's why we have thought of them and have many models of children's puzzles with larger pieces. They are fully personalisable and have the main advantage of having larger pieces, so it will be easier for them and they can hold them correctly.

The preferred by many is the infant magnetic puzzle so that the children of three or four years old can make them easily and adhere to any metallic surface. In this way, there will be no risk of shredding in any fall or moving parts.

Another infallible model as a gift for younger children is our children's wooden puzzles. There are nine in total and you can personalise one of the faces with the photographs or designs you want. The others are made between different models to choose: wild animals, fruits and vegetables, marine animals, transports or domestic animals.

Adult personalised puzzles

True fans of this game need great challenges. Therefore, the best option are the large custom puzzles with which to make a more spectacular design. As you go up in level, increases the difficulty and therefore the number of pieces: customised 2000 pieces puzzle with photo, customised 3000 pieces puzzle and thus you will get to make great challenges.

If you consider yourself a lover of this game, you're in luck because you can use them as decoration. We have two models of 1000 and 2000 pieces that are framed so you can put your favorite picture in any space of your home in the most original way.