Personalised hardcover photo book "classic"
£19.14 £25.52
Handmade product
  • Sizes: 21 cm (width) x 29 cm (length)
  • Without minimum quantity
  • This version has a padded cover.
  • The pages are flexible, 120 gr. thick, printed in digital printing.
  • The covers are personalised, rigid, and with high quality padding.
  • Different models available with different numbers of pages.
  • Cardboard cover with embossed laminate.
21 x 29 cm 72 pages
20 x 30 cm 124 pages
20 x 30 cm 200 pages

Collect your best memories

Today we are used to taking and storing thousands of photos in our smartphones. Collect all your images and turn them into your most personal photo book. This model has a great value for money, because you have three different sizes where you can add all your photos.

This album has a padded cover, thicker than the white cover version. It has a cardboard cover with embossed laminate, for a professional and perfect finish. In addition the pages of its interior are flexible, digitally printed.

Larger models are great for collecting images of events, because they have a larger number of pages. They are also the most popular for storing images of trips or births. Create your photo book and make your memory eternal.