Personalised cardboard boxes

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  • Personalised cardboard box, sides included.
  • Ideal for storing games, puzzles, papers, etc.
  • Full colour printing.
  • Various sizes available.
Google Reviews

It has arrived today and is amazing thank u for doing such a great job.

Sarah (Cheshire)

My order has just arrived! It looks fantastic, thank you to you and your team. I will definitely be recommending to my friends!

Jon (London)

Oh goodness I ordered several personalised door mats as presents for friends which have arrived today and I am thrilled with the quality and delivery - thank you.

Rachael (Warwickshire)


How to decorate a cardboard box

If you are tired of always making the same gift wrappings, now you have the opportunity to do it differently. Our cardboard boxes are totally personalized, lateral included. You will be able to give it many uses and you have several sizes to choose from. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

It's the best way to wrap a gift if you want to surprise the other person. Think about their tastes and make a different and original customizable box. Just select your favorite photos or a fun design, the surprise will be double: for the content and the box itself designed exclusively for the person who receives the gift.

What to do with cardboard boxes

Although they mainly have a decorative use for wrapping gifts, you can give it another use. Save your games, puzzle pieces or papers. Different options so that you can have everything that matters to you well organized and not get lost.

It is very practical, especially for saving photographs. If you don't like to do it with albums, now you can do it with boxes and divide them by themes: holidays, Christmas, my family... All the themes you can think of. Depending on that, design the box with colors and put the title of the photos to be found inside. It's a different way to organize them and they will be beautifully preserved.

Print personalized boxes

The manufacture of this product is handmade. For this reason, in case of purchasing several units of boxes with the same design, they will not be completely identical to each other. We take care of their manufacture.

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