Personalised elastic folder

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  • Size: A4.
  • With 3 interior flaps.
  • 100% customisable surface.
  • 6 rubber colors available: black, white, green, red, pink and blue.
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folder A4
folder A4
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Google Reviews

I ordered 6 x heart shaped fridge magnets and followed the instructions for attaching the photo (due to the shape). It was one photo that I uploaded. There was a little wait, as the product is not made in the UK, but the quality was excellent and was just as described on the website. I was really pleased with the outcome.

Janice (ROMFORD)


Quality of the highest degree! Quick arrival & made my brother very happy at Christmas. Thank you.

Jason (Northampton)


I wanted to message to say thank you - what a brilliant blanket. Way better than I expected. Well done.

Helen (Southsea, Hampshire)



Cardboard folders with rubber bands

Reinvent the classic folders and replace them with our folders with rubber bands and custom flaps. They are made of cardboard and in their interior, these contain three interior flaps that will allow you to keep with greater security your documents.

Unlike the ones you'll find in other places, you can design them one hundred percent the way you want. Customize it with a collage of photographs, texts or, if you prefer, you can choose any of our pre-designed templates. But this is not the end of the customization process, you can also choose the color of the rubber between different shades: blue, white, black, red, pink or green.

Thanks to its size, A4, you will be able to store folios and documents of this size, which is usually the most frequent. It also has elastic bands so that the closure is much safer.

It's foolproof in any home or office. Create personalised school folders, folders for office documents or as a promotional gift in advertising events or conferences, for example. What you need so that you can have the best organization wherever you go.

File folder with photos

Protect and order all your documents with our practical folders with photo. These are plastic PVC folders that you can design to your liking with the images, texts or designs that you choose. We also offer pre-designed templates that you can choose and adapt.

The personalisation is done on the outer surface of this, including the flaps, which makes it very complete and original. But the customization does not end here, because you can also choose the color of the rubber between different colors: black, blue, white, green, red and pink.

This model is archival type, because it is 25 mm deep. This allows it to have greater capacity for large quantities of documents and papers. It has the size to keep folios and documents of A4 size. In its interior, it includes three interior flaps and thus to have a greater protection.

Start by creating a personalised children's file folder for the little one at home or with corporate colors, if it's for your business or office. But it can also be a good promotional gift in all kinds of professional events.