Personalised Shin Guards

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  • Compression sleeves included.
  • Sizes: M: 75x140 mm. / L: 80x165 mm.
  • Full color personalisation.
  • High resistance and comfort.
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Google Reviews

We have just received the blanket and we are so so so happy with the outcome.Its so clear and we just love it. Thanks!!!

Feigy (London)

Just recieved the photo blanket. FANTASTIC ! I did not really think it would be so good on a fabric surface, but you have reproduced the photo superbly. My wife will be thrilled with it.

Bruce (Suffolk)

I just wanted to tell you that I have finally received my blanket and to say I am very pleased with it. Again thank you for your service and I would use you again.

Mrs Stubbs (London)


Personalised football shin guards

Shin guards are an essential element in the clothing of professional and amateur soccer players, including children. Now you can have personalised shin guards so that, in addition to protecting their legs, they would have a special meaning for them.

You can choose between 3 different sizes, and thanks to our Editor you can personalise shin guards online with any photo, image, design, etc. You can put a squad number, name, photo of the player, shield of the team ... whatever you want. We will print that design in full color on both shin guards.

You will receive the two shin guards with their respective padding to be placed on the inside by means of an adhesive to absorb shocks. And we also send them with their elastic compression sleeves to hold them firmly to the leg.

Thanks to their ergonomic design, shin guards guarantee total comfort in use, as well as protection and resistance.

The shin guard material is a variety of polypropylene plastic with a special finish for sublimation, a very resistant and comfortable material for the wearer. Its main characteristics are: flexibility, lightness and resistance.

Personalised children Shin guards

The personalised shin guards with photo are a perfect gift for girls and boys who play football or other sports. They love to have their own shin guards with their squad number, their name, or their team's shield. It motivates them, and in addition, they are protected against accidents and fractures, at those ages when their bones are vulnerable.

How to personalise shin guards

The shin guard is personalised by sublimation, a method that ensures that the design remains printed throughout the life of the product.

How to put on shin guards

It should be noted that the shin guard must be placed about 15 cm below the kneecap and 10 cm above the ankle, covering at least one-third of the length of the tibia.

The sleeves should be worn first on the legs, in the tibia area. The sleeves have a hole for the leg and another for the shin guard. After inserting the shin guard through its hollow, all that is left is to place everything looking for maximum comfort and protection, put on your socks and shoes, and win!

Shin guards, also known as personalised shin guards, are not only used in football, but also in other sports such as field hockey, ice hockey, roller hockey, soccer, rugby, indoor football, baseball, combat sports. Its purpose is to reduce the risk of fractures in the ankles, tibia and fibula, making the impacts in those areas of the body less aggressive.

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