Personalised Stuffed Animals

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Stuffed toys with photo

Personalised teddy bears and stuffed animals are an original, fun and romantic gift, depending on when you want to give them. The cuddly toys are a detail that awakens a lot of tenderness, but if you customize it is even more special. They are unique items that you won't find in stores, because there won't be one just like yours. They are made especially for that person.

We have a great variety of stuffed toys ideal for children and not so children, that you can design with photographs or with an embroidered name. Bears, sheep and other very funny and original personalised stuffed toys.

Bears are our star product, because you can design them with a date or with a special message. These bears have a scarf on their neck, and in that scarf we embroider the text you want: the name of a boy or girl, your partner's name, a date, a message, etc.

And we not only customize embroidery texts: there are also personalised plush toys with photos. You can upload a photo, or any image, and we print it in full color on the teddy's shirt. It is a very tender, emotional and unique detail.

How to wash stuffed animals

The personalised stuffed animals are very easy to wash, although you must be especially careful, because they are more delicate than other types of stuffed toys. However, following a few simple indications is easy.

Those stuffed animals that are personalised with a T-shirt (sheep, reindeer and rabbit) should be washed by hand. While the T-shirt is suitable for washing machine, at a maximum of 30°C.