Personalised superhero capes

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  • Choose material: 100% polyester stretch (matt) or satin (shiny).
  • Two sizes: child and adult.
  • Personalisable on both sides.
  • Machine washable safe.
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Google Reviews

I looked to find a feedback page but couldn't see one so I thought I'd contact you this way because I simply HAD to tell you just how utterly beautiful the blanket is that I ordered,which arrived today. Absolutely stunning,especially as I was a little worried that one of the photographs I submitted might have been a bit less sharp than the other. I ordered it in time for Christmas for my sister-in-law who lives in London and suffers from M.S. thinking it would be a lovely little snuggle item for her...."Kevin" is still very much with her but dear little "Tilly" never forgotten. Now that it has actually arrived I honestly believe she is going to feel rather more strongly about it than as merely a is beyond lovely and the quality of both the prints and the blanket are superb. I'm now very seriously considering ordering one of our beloved dogs that are no longer with us,just for me and my would be absolutely gorgeous,I'm sure and you included a card with a generous 30% discount code so I may well be back shortly; in the meantime I simply wanted to let you know that when I opened the parcel this afternoon me and my husband were open-mouthed at such a beautiful,lovely item. Thank you very,very is truly beyond my expectations.

Karen (Newport, Isle of Wight)

Just want to say I received my Blanket today and wanted to say wow. I'm very very happy. My other is going to love it. The quality was fantastic and the pictures printed better than I thought it would. Many many thanks. I will definitely use your services again and would definitely recommend you for that something different gift.

Nicole (Peterborough, Cambridgeshire)

Hello there, my polar blanket has arrived! Thank you so very much for yout service. The blanket looks amazing!!!

Caroline (Kwadijk, Noord-Holland)


Create your own superhero cape and save the world!

Create your own superhero or superheroine cape, and design both sides of the cape to your liking. Each side can be customised differently. You can choose a symbol you've created, add text or a name, or upload an image, photo or design. Alternatively, you can choose one of our pre-designed templates.

We offer two sizes: a child size for girls and boys and a large size for adults. In addition, you can choose between two different materials. One is stretchy, 100% polyester with a matte finish. Another is satin, a shiny fabric that gives a more radiant look to your cape. Whichever material you choose, Whichever material you choose, the cape is machine washable and, in the case of the stretch capes they can also be tumble dried.. In addition, Velcro is included in the neck area to keep it secured and to allow you to take it on and off comfortably.

Superhero capes for kids

Personalised superhero capes for boys and girls are ideal for different occasions. For children's birthday parties, for example, you can make superhero capes for all the children attending. You can also give a cape to the birthday girl to make the day even more special.

This is also a fun gift for Christmas or for children who are big fans of the great Marvel and DC superheroes: Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Hulk, Wonder Woman, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Flash, Doctor Strange, Aquaman and many others. You can make a cape with the symbols of these superheroes (although not all of the superheroes mentioned wear capes) or design a special cape for a new superhero, and have fun playing with your family or classmates.

'Personalised superhero capes for children'

Superhero capes for adults

You can also choose the large size to create a personalised superhero cape for adults. It's a fun gift often used for bachelorette parties, birthdays between friends, as a gift for your secret nephew, as a graduation gift or simply as a geeky gift for adult fantasy and sci-fi fans, readers of superhero comics who might love the idea of playing superhero or superheroine in their spare time.

Difference between fabric types

When creating your personalised superhero or hero cape, you can choose the material you prefer. We offer you 2 different types of fabric. Both are 100% polyester, but in different variants:

Polyester (stretch)

Stretch fabric is what we usually call "polyester", and is the most common and popular fabric. It allows a wide range of colours as well as a great fidelity to the design and a great definition.

Washing instructions


Satin fabric, also a polyester variant, is a fabric characterised by its soft feel and sheen, giving a more glamorous feel to the product. It also has a very good definition and colour gamut, as the sheen of the fabric makes the colours look more vivid.

Washing instructions

'Details of the personalised cape'

Washing instructions

  • Machine washable
  • Maximum washing temperature: 30° or 60° (see material label).
  • Do not bleach.
  • Iron on low temperature.
  • Stretch: Tumble dry. Tumble dry on low heat. Satin: not suitable for tumble dryer.

All measurements of these textile products are approximate and may be affected by the image transfer and manufacturing process.