Personalised coloured plastic cup 250 ml.

Personalised coloured plastic cup 250 ml.

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  • Measurements: 9 cm (height) x 7ø cm (diameter)
  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit
  • Capacity: 250 ml.
  • Various colours available.
  • Material: BPA-free plastic.
  • Dishwasher safe, not suitable for microwave.
  • ID: #17606-571599
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Unbreakable personalised plastic cups

Help your little one discover their independence by eating and drinking on their own with our personalised children's plastic cup. As they are made of unbreakable plastic, you won't have to worry about dropping or knocking them, as they won't break and there's no danger of cuts. Also, although they are made of plastic, they do not contain BPA (chemicals harmful to health).

Everyone likes pretty things, but if they are also useful and durable, all the better! Products specially designed for children have to be especially resistant, as they will be subject to falls and bumps. These photo cups meet both conditions: they are beautiful, as we have a multitude of different and original designs, conceived to be unique and special; and they are resistant, as the plastic used has been designed for children's use, ready for day-to-day use and are tantrum-proof!

As you know, at Wanapix we love variety, so not only can you choose the design of the cups, but you can also choose between two sizes: a small one (with a slightly conical shape), and a slightly larger one (with a straight shape). We have these two sizes with the little hands of children in mind, especially those who are starting to eat on their own, discover their autonomy and experience new challenges. For all these reasons, the small cup is ideal for the kindergarten years.

Of course, like all our products, the cups can be personalised with the photos, texts and drawings of your choice: it's the best way for your little one to be able to identify their cup at first glance. Try placing a photo of him next to his name, or maybe you prefer to add a drawing he did the other day that you love.

Personalised unbreakable plastic cups

We also provide you with pre-designed templates that you can adapt to your tastes and needs: you can add a photo or remove the option, add more or less text? Go ahead and try different styles and designs! The best thing about personalisation is that it allows you to combine different elements to obtain very original and unique unbreakable plastic cups, perfect for your little one to know which one is theirs (and their teachers, too!).

Add a fun touch to the kids' meals with these colourful cups

Discover our coloured children's cups, small personalised cups that are the perfect option to turn lunchtime into an even more special and fun moment for the little ones at home. These cups, specially designed for children, have a capacity of 250 ml, a size adapted to their little hands, and a high resistance thanks to its manufacture in high quality plastic, BPA-free.

The highlight of these cups is their capability for customisation. Each one can be transformed into a unique little masterpiece by printing any photo, name, design or text directly on its surface. This feature makes them a unique gift and a cup that will become your daughter's or son's new favourite cup. You'll see the smile on your little one's face when they have a cup with their favourite character, their name or a special photo, at the beach, or with their grandparents, cousins, etc.

The versatility of these cups goes beyond personalisation, as their tough plastic material makes them ideal companions for daily use by children. Unlike conventional cups, these will not break if dropped on the floor, making them a practical and safe solution for everyday use. With several bright colours available, children can choose their favourite colour or even have a complete collection with cups in all colours. The variety of colours allows for easy identification, especially when used at school, kindergarten, or birthday parties.

The design of these children's cups makes them easy for children to hold and handle, encouraging independence and autonomy during mealtimes. Its 250 ml capacity is perfect for the right amount of water, juice or milk for the little ones, avoiding spills.

These cups are not only ideal for at home, but are also perfect for taking to your child's class. Marking each cup with the child's name or photo will avoid confusion and loss. It is also a great idea for children's birthdays, so you can make a cup for each girl and boy invited, each one with their name and combining the colours, so that each one can drink from their own cup throughout the party, and then they can take it home as a souvenir.

Personalised coloured children's cups

And they can be used not only in the children's world: these cups are also a good advertising gift idea for companies. Create a collection of cups with your company logo or brand and give them as gifts to create brand loyalty and move your company's name around the world.

Don't think twice, as these coloured personalised cups offer a unique combination of functionality, strength and personalisation, making mealtimes an unforgettable moment for children and making life easier for parents concerned about the safety and fun of their little ones. In addition, they are dishwasher safe, which facilitates cleaning and daily maintenance. They are not microwave safe.

Security guarantee

This is a BPA Free product. This means that they do not contain BPA, an acronym for Bisphenol-A, a chemical product that can pose health risks. You can be fully confident in the safe use of these products for everyday use in the food industry.

SGS security guarantee