Personalised USB sticks

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Personalised USB stick

If you don't want to fill up your computer's hard disk, it's best to start using personalised flash drives with photo. This way you will be able to release information from your disk and you will have a copy stored in a safer place so that, in case the computer breaks down, you will have your most important files stored there. Our personalised usb memory sticks have a great capacity for you to save any type of file.

How to personalise my USB

If you have motivated yourself and you want to have one, just look for the text, logo or image you want to put on it and we will print it in full color. They are personalised on both sides and you can do it different on each side with a greater personalisation.

You can design your own personalised usb with no minimum order. We have many pre-designed templates for you to choose the one you like best and, if you are more creative you can use our editor to create the design you want. In our online store you can edit and buy your personalised stick, and you can see a preview of how it will look before finishing the order.

This is a very recurrent gift on dates such as Christmas or birthdays. But it also serves as an end of course detail for a teacher because, in addition, they are cheap personalised USB flash drive.

USB to give away at weddings

Also, flash drives are very popular as wedding gifts: personalised with the names or initials of the bride and groom, the date of the wedding or with a small icon. This way you will get personalised USB stick for wedding as a gift for all the guests. Besides being a unisex gift, it is very useful. It can also be given in baptisms and communions to guests. You did not know what is a memory stick? It receives many names, each one can call it in different ways: usb stick, flash memory, flash drive, usb drive, pen drive... And you, what do you call it?