Personalised wash bag

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Personalised washing bags with name or photos

We all use a toiletry bag more or less regularly. Whether it's on a daily basis, at home, when we go to the gym or to the swimming pool, or when we go on a trip. Whatever the reason, having a personalised toiletry bag is very practical. On the one hand, for pure aesthetics, you will be able to have your own toiletry bag or wash bag with the design that you like the most.

You don't have to settle for the ones you see in the shops. Here you can choose any of our designs and personalise them, or you can upload photos from your computer or Instagram, or write any text. For example, your name, or your initials, perfect for identifying the toiletry bag in case of loss.

Men's, women's or children's toiletry bags

We have different models, and all of them can be considered unisex, that is to say, they can be used by both men and women. And even for girls and boys who already carry their own toiletries in a toiletry bag, for swimming, or on a trip or excursion.

Washing bags usually hold bottles of shampoo and gel (in a smaller version, if possible), and other utensils such as nail clippers, toothbrushes, deodorant, creams, etc. They are used by everyone, from families, to people who do sport or go to the gym, travellers. They are also fashionable among footballers and other elite sportsmen and women, who always carry their toiletries bag in their hand.

You can choose from our fabric toiletry bags, either the waterproof models, or the travel ones with a hook to hang anywhere. They are very practical and comfortable to use while showering or changing clothes.