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Personalised canvases

We save thousands of photos on our different devices. Happy moments that we always like to remember. Now you can bring your photos to life and turn them into frames to decorate the walls of your home. They look great in any corner: corridors, living room, bedrooms...

To make it much easier for you, we have created this section where you will find different options of printing on canvas. You can choose between different sizes, with or without frame. You are the one who decides, we will make it possible.

How to decorate a canvas with photos

If this is the first time you are going to buy a canvas online, do not worry, because on our website it is very simple. In a few steps, you will know how to make a personalised canvas designed by and for you, there will not be another one like it.

The first step is to decide which canvas you like best and its size. Once you have chosen the product it is time to start with personalisation. You can insert your favorite pictures, a nice design with text or transfer a drawing of your little one. Yes, drawings are also possible. Just scan it and convert it to .JPG, then insert it as another image.

As you can see, it is a very simple process in which you will be able to take care of every detail to the maximum and create your personalised canvas. As a gift it is also very well received, especially on special dates such as Mother's Day or Christmas, among others. Surprise whoever else you want with our products.

Decorate your wall with canvas

Making a good decoration is not easy. You need time and visualize how to enhance each element. If you don't know how to decorate with canvas, these are our favorite ideas:

  • Create a collage of canvases: decorate with collage is an option that always looks good anywhere. Now you can also do it with canvases, combining bigger ones with smaller ones, creating a different but fun composition.
  • Turn your canvas into a poster: one of our products is the canvas without a frame, that is, it is not framed and you can place it as a cloth poster .
  • Triptychs, the best for living rooms and bedrooms: why choose a canvas, when you can choose a triptych. The photo is divided into three parts, forming an incredible compositional effect.
  • Photo tree: this is one of our favourite ideas for halls and corridors. It's about drawing or buying a template from a tree. Around this, as leaves, the different photos will be placed, as many as you want, although we do not recommend you to overload. It is best to choose small framed canvases and you can alternate between vertical and horizontal photos.

Like these, you'll find thousands of ideas to make the most of your home décor. Seek to make it different and you will be able to create the perfect harmony. We are sure that you will impact your guests.

On your products you can put any photos, design, colours and/or text you would like. You can also apply filters and effect.
On our editor you can upload your photos in the following formats: JPG/JPEG, PNG, TIFF, SVG, AI and PDF.
The maximum recommended size for photos is of 25 Mb per photo.
If your photos' quality is not right, a message will be displayed.
We deliver at home, anywhere you prefer, in all of Europe.