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Personalised temporary tattoos for weddings

Temporary tattoos for weddings

Have you ever heard of temporary tattoos? We’re sure that when you were younger you must have used them at some point because they came as a gift with almost all sweets, especially chewing gum.

Temporary tattoos are decals, it means that they have a specific duration, they can last several days, in our case from 3 to 5 days, they resist water and the best of all is that with us you can make them totally personalised.

This option is slowly but surely becoming one of the best selling items on our website. One of the days in which we think it is ideal to use them is for weddings. Imagine on your wedding day, being able to wear the same tattoo as your bridesmaids for that special day, with an emotional phrase. Or have a special way of remembering that person you wanted to be at your wedding and will not be able to be there, that grandfather who decided to leave this world early and that you want to take him with you, now you can make a fake tattoo with his name and have him accompany you on your special day.

Or for example, set up an "open bar" of temporary tattoos like a candy bar, but with personalised temporary tattoos, each guest can choose the one they like the most and put it on for the moment of the party. Moreover, you can choose the theme you like the most and personalise it to your liking. The personalised fake tattoos will spread joy and excitement at your wedding. No one will ever forget the fun that they had at your wedding.

Any idea you can think of is possible with our personalised tattoos. You can get that temporary tattoo you saw in that magazine for your wedding day, we are sure you will look like no one has ever done before.

How to place a temporary tattoo?

We’re sure you've used them at some point in your life, but if you haven't, don't worry, they're super easy to apply.

All you have to do is choose the area where you want to place it (avoiding hairy or articulated areas so that it adheres well), clean and dry the area you want to "tattoo", apply the decal (having previously removed the protective paper), moisten the area with a damp cloth, press for 30 seconds, remove the paper, let it dry a little and voilà, our decal is ready!

And these temporary tattoos are not just for adults, they are for everyone at the wedding, even the little ones! They can be used from 3 years of age. They are made of safe, non-toxic and dermatologically tested materials.

Now... All that's left to do is to let your imagination run wild, personalise your temporary tattoos as you like and surprise your friends, family and guests at your wedding.