Personalised acrylic trophy with wooden base

Personalised acrylic trophy with wooden base

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  • Measurements: 14,5 cm (width) x 22 cm (height) x 0,3 cm (thickness)
  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit
  • Base material: natural wood. Personalised plaque material: transparent acrylic material.
  • Design or printed photo in colour on the acrylic plaque.
  • ID: #17086
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Personalised acrylic trophy with wooden base

If you are looking for an original, resistant and elegant trophy, you are in the right place! Our trophies with natural wood base and acrylic plaque meet these four requirements to perfection: a unique gift and at the same time a super original decorative element that will become an unforgettable souvenir!

The acrylic plaque on which we print is made of transparent rigid methacrylate, a very resistant and durable material, and the way of personalisation is by direct colour printing, so the photo, logo, text or design you add will look bright and beautiful.

Personalised trophies with a wooden base and acrylic plaque are a very touching detail that will create a lifelong memory. When it comes to personalising one of these products, you can choose from one of our pre-designed templates and modify it to your liking, or create your own personalised trophy from scratch - perfect for the occasion you have in mind!

An ideal gift for any occasion

One of the first items we think of when we want to honour, congratulate or highlight someone's work or predisposition is a personalised trophy. That trophy is the token for the effort, love and dedication that a person has made at some point in their life, whether in sport, on a wedding anniversary, in retirement or simply in their day to day life, for being themselves. Of course, it's also an ideal gift for Mother's and Father's Day: what a thrill to receive one that says you're the number 1 mum or dad!

Personalised acrylic trophy with wooden base

If you're looking for a simple yet unique gift to remind that person how important they've been or to remember a special moment in their life, our personalised acrylic plaques are just what you need - ideal as a gift for any special occasion!

Create a unique and lifelong keepsake

Some of the options when thinking of giving a personalised trophy as a gift are:

  • Gifts on special dates. Personalised trophies are perfect for any occasion, but they are most often used as a gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, etc. You only have to think about what you want to put in the design and we will make it happen.
  • Anniversaries. It is a gift that is used a lot on these occasions. For example on a wedding anniversary, silver wedding anniversary, golden wedding anniversary or any special anniversary between couples.
  • Tributes. These trophies are also perfect for paying tribute to a person, either for their dedication or involvement in a project, sport, etc. As they are customisable, any occasion will be perfect.
  • Personalised awards for sporting events. In a sporting competition, trophies with a personalised wooden base are an ideal element to reward not only the winners but also, on many occasions, the participants. They will become a souvenir for life! It doesn't matter what sport is associated with the gift, football, tennis, swimming? The recipient of the trophy is sure to love it.
  • As a retirement gift. In retirement celebrations, you can't miss the opportunity to give a personalised plaque to the person who is retiring. It is a token and recognition of the work that person has done during all those years in a company. It will be a very touching detail!

All you have to do is think about the occasion and the person or group of people you are going to give it to in order to adapt the design to their tastes. You are sure to create the perfect gift for that event!

Personalised trophy with wooden base