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Personalised gifts back to school

September is the month of the return of the children to school. Back to classes, homework, exams... In spite of the sadness of the holidays ending, comes the joy of buying supplies for the return to school and of meeting again with friends that they have not seen during the summer.

With us, you can buy personalised school materials and design it to your liking one hundred percent. Personalize it with your photo, your name, your favorite fictional character, etc. You will have everything to your liking.

Prepare the return to school with personalised school supplies: cases, backpacks, notebooks, agendas, notebooks... Everything you need to start classes and that your child is perfectly equipped.

School material back to school

With the return of the children to classes, you will need to mark the clothes with their name so that they don't lose anything. Our textile stamps are ideal for that, so, in case you lose their clothing, they will know whose it is and will return it to you.

Our unbreakable plastic cups are a basic for children on their way back to school. You can completely customize it to their liking. It will resist all falls and will become their favorite cup.