Personalised balloons with name and photos

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  • Measurements: 45ø cm (diameter)
  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit
  • Material: foil.
  • Customisable on 1 side.
  • Delivered deflated. Can be inflated with air or helium.
  • They have a safety valve to keep them inflated.
  • ID: #17508-569446
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Personalised balloons for parties and events

Celebrate your special moments with elegance and personality thanks to our incredible personalised foil balloons. At Wanapix we present you the perfect solution to give a unique and shiny touch to your events, with these foil balloons with metallic finish, ideal for weddings, baptisms, communions, birthdays and any occasion that deserves to be highlighted.

The versatility of our personalised balloons knows no limits. They are delivered uninflated, allowing you to prepare the decoration in advance. Inflating them is quick and easy, either with air, using a traditional straw, or with helium for a floating effect (for this you will need a small helium balloon canister). In addition, all the balloons have a valve that keeps the balloon inflated without having to tie a knot.

personalising them with any photo, image, name, number, logo or design you wish. Do you want to surprise your guests with a unique and memorable decoration? Our balloons offer you the opportunity to capture your best photo or special messages, turning your events into unforgettable experiences.

Diversity is key, which is why we offer a variety of shapes and colours so you can find the perfect combination to suit the theme of your event. From hearts and stars to more classic shapes, our foil balloons will add a touch of magic and sophistication to any celebration.

Create promotional or private party balloons

Regarding inflation, bear in mind that with helium the balloons tend to rise, creating an impressive effect that will require you to hold them to prevent them from blowing away if you are going to use them outdoors (if you are indoors, they will stick to the ceiling).On the other hand, if you choose to simply inflate them with air, you can place them strategically on the wall or anywhere you want to highlight, as they will remain in place (when released they do not rise, but fall to the floor), adding a unique decorative touch.

Without a doubt, our personalised foil balloons are the perfect choice to give a touch of originality and personality to your celebrations. Whether for intimate events, large parties, or as a promotional gift, these balloons adapt to all occasions, turning them into unforgettable moments.

Personalised foil balloons