Eco-friendly personalised bamboo hairbrush
Handmade product
  • Sizes: 6 cm (width) x 20 cm (length)
  • Without minimum quantity
  • Ecological: made of polished bamboo wood.
  • Wooden picks / bristles with nice rounded finish.
  • Customised by direct printing. High colour quality.
  • Ergonomic grip and rounded edges.

Personalised hairbrush made from bamboo

For people like you, with long hair, brushing and combing your hair is one of the hygiene and grooming tasks that you have to do in the morning, or just after getting out of the shower. This routine task can now become a fun time thanks to these personalised brushes. You can personalise the surface of the brush, on the back, with any image, design, photo, name or text. We will print the design you have created, in colour, directly onto the brush.

This brush is part of our natural product line, as it is made of polished bamboo wood. This encourages the use of natural raw materials, reducing the polluting emissions of other materials. The bristles are also made of wood and have a rounded shape, so that brushing is pleasant, without causing discomfort when touching the scalp.

This type of brush, with these rounded wooden bristles, is perfect for detangling longer hair, without pulling the hair or causing damage or discomfort. While you comb or detangle your hair, you will see in the mirror the beautiful personalised design that you, or the person who gave you the brush, wanted to print on the brush.

The handle is ergonomic, wider at the end, with a gentle, narrower curve at the part closest to the wooden bristles, to make it more comfortable and pleasant to hold. The edges are rounded, to aid that feeling of comfort as you hold the brush to comb and brush your hair or mane.

It is an original gift for women and men with long hair, in the form of medium length hair, long hair, or even shorter hair but with enough length to be able to comb it. You can personalise with the approach you want: a funny photo if you want a funny gift, initials if you want a more discreet personalisation, etc.

Personalised ecologic bamboo hairbrush
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