Personalised barbecue set

barbecue set
£ 26.66
Deliver between 26 July - 1 August.

  • Measurements: 36,8 cm (width) x 24 cm (height) x 4 cm (thickness)
  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit
  • Includes 6 metal accessories with wooden handles: 2 knives, 1 sharpener, 1 meat fork, and tongs; and a bamboo board.
  • Presented in a polyester case, with interior elastic fastenings and carrying handle.
  • The case can be personalised on one side.
  • ID: #17625
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How I love the barbecue!

Looking for a gift for that friend or family member who loves barbecues and grilled sausages? The personalised barbecue set is the ideal complement for any lover of barbecues and outdoor dining. This high quality set is designed to give you a complete and personalised barbecue experience. Made of durable materials and presented in a strong polyester case, this set offers everything you need to make the most of outdoor cooking with your chops, burgers, sausages, sardines or vegetables.

This set includes 6 essential barbecue accessories, all made of high quality metal with wooden handles for a safe and comfortable grip:

  • 2 large knives
  • 1 knife sharpener
  • 1 meat fork with two tips
  • Some tongs to turn and serve
  • A bamboo plank, for cutting

The highlight of this set is its personalisation. The case can be personalised on one side with any photo, text, design or image you wish. This makes it the perfect gift for that friend or family member who enjoys organising barbecues and prides themselves on being the grill chef. You can put a picture of him or her cooking, a funny picture related to barbecues, or a funny message addressed to that person, for example: "David, master of the barbecue".

Thanks to the accessories included in this set, the grill chef will be able to prepare and cook food with ease and precision. From slicing meat to flipping burgers, this set includes all the tools you need to create delicious grilled meals. Because a good barbecue master enjoys preparing the fire, the embers and the food more than even eating.

The individual case features inside elastic straps to keep each utensil in place during transport, making it perfect for taking it to any outdoor event, whether in the garden at home, on a campsite or at a social club.In addition, its compact and practical design makes it easy to store when not in use. It also includes a handle for comfortable carrying.

Personalised barbecue set