Personalised Cloth Tablecloths

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How to make tablecloths

The small details make the difference in any decoration, even more on the table. We tend to take better care of them on big occasions like Christmas, for example, but now you can do it at any time with our personalized tablecloths with photo.

In this section, we have compiled all our personalized tablecloths so you can choose the one that best suits your needs: cloth or rubber, you decide. If you don't know how to make placemats or table cloths, we will tell you that in our editor it is very easy, because you will see at all times how it will look.

Rubber tablecloths are ideal for everyday life because they are easier to clean. With a damp cloth you can clean it more quickly. On the other hand, we recommend fabric ones for the most special occasions, although you can use them when and how you want.

If you don't have a lot of time, the best solution for your table is our personalised individual placemats . This way you protect your table and it is more comfortable to clean. You can also choose if you prefer fabric or rubber.

All our tablecloths can be personalized with the photographs, design or text you want. So you can adapt it as you want, taking care of every detail to make it much more special.

Learn to fold tablecloths

The tablecloths and placemats are usually kept in the same drawer for convenience. If that drawer is kept well organized, you can fit more of them.

According to Marie Kondo's method, the best way to place them in the drawer is in an upright position. In such a way, you will have to fold all the tablecloths in three or four equal parts. This way, many more will fit and the space will be better distributed.

Three tips to decorate the table

The first impression is very important, even at lunch. Although the main thing in the same place where we are going to eat is the food, you should not neglect the small details. These are our recommendations so that your table looks impeccable:

  • Choose the best cloth tablecloth: the first thing you should do to cover your table with elegance is to choose a good tablecloth, preferably made of fabric. Customization is important, but don't make it too overloaded to make it more sober and beautiful.
  • The best napkins to match: a point in favor for the decoration of a table is when the napkins match the tablecloth. This way, the elements match perfectly. But there is no imposed rule, you can put the napkins in another color and thus make them stand out on the tablecloth. If you choose this option, we recommend that the tone of the napkins is similar to that of the tablecloth.
  • Put decoration, beyond the food: candles, decorative figures, petals ... Depending on the occasion will be better to use some elements or others, but we believe it is essential that the table is more than food and drink.

Get to work to create the best decoration and surprise everyone at diner. We are sure that they will be surprised and will be delighted that you have bothered to take care of the smallest details.