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One of the purposes when we start a new year is to organize every day better to be productive. If this is your case, our personalised agendas and calendars with photos are just what you need to meet your goals and not miss a single appointment, meeting, birthday or important event.

It is a frequent gift, especially at Christmas as a gift for each family member and designing everything with the most beautiful photographs of that year. In this section, we have compiled our different types of calendars and agendas with which you will be able to keep up to date with everything.

The agendas are the most exclusive gift, because they are 100% personalised, both inside and out. This allows you to obtain a very original model, which you won't see in other stores. Why? Because in addition to customization, you also decide in which month and year it starts, the type of view (daily or weekly) and the language, among which the official languages of Spain and the main languages of Europe stand out.

In the case of calendars, depending on the model you choose you will be able to design them more or less, but in all of them you will be able to leave your personal mark. The wall calendars are usually the most chosen as a family gift.