Personalised food bowls for dogs and cats

Personalised food bowls for dogs and cats

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  • Measurements: 5,8 cm (height) x 15ø cm (diameter)
  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit
  • Material: Ceramic.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Available in 2 sizes.
  • ID: #736
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Care for your pet

A pet is a very important part of the family and deserves the best care and all the love in the world in order to grow up healthy and happy. Our personalised pet bowls are designed by and for them, they are perfect for your dog or your cat.

They are made of ceramic and with attention to the smallest detail, and what makes them different from any other you can find on the market is that they are personalised, you can customise them with any of the designs we offer you, create your own or even upload an image or photo of your pet and make a bowl with their photo, sounds good, right? with our editor you will make your ideas come true quickly and easily. In addition, the weight of the personalised dog bowl itself, being made of ceramic, will make it difficult for your pet to knock it over or overturn it, avoiding food waste or water splashes. Don't forget to put their name on the bowl, this will give it a super original touch, it will be perfect and will delight anyone who sees it.

It is available in two sizes to choose from and both are fully customisable. Eating in style is possible with our personalised pet food bowls, never before has a food bowl been so original and beautiful. What's more, as they are all uniform and without grooves, they can be cleaned quickly and easily. Your pet deserves the best!

Personalised dog food bowls

The dog is said to be man's best friend. No other person will welcome you at home with the happiness that your dog welcomes you with. As the saying goes: you may be just someone to the world, but to someone you are the whole world, we are sure that to that someone to whom you are the world, is your dog.

Their unconditional love makes them see us with eyes with which few people see us throughout our lives and that is reason enough to offer them the best we have, isn't it?

If you're looking for an original dog food bowl, you're approaching your dog's birthday and you want to give him or her a different and original gift... Look no further, you've just found what you were looking for, our personalised dog food bowls.

One of the most important moments in a dog's day is meal time, with our food bowls your furry friend won't leave a single crumb of food behind, we're sure he'll love it. The bigger a dog is the more food it needs and that's why our feeders are ideal because they are available in two sizes, a small one for mini-sized pets and a large one for medium and large pets.

Your dog will be happy that you have thought of her/him and that he/she has a personalised bowl with his name or photo on it.


Personalised cat bowls

And what can we say about cats, those little balls of fur with their very special and very different character that drive us all crazy. Once you live with a cat, your perception of them changes completely and you can't imagine your life without them. They won't welcome you behind the door of your house jumping up and down or wagging their tails from side to side but, in their own way, they are also happy to see you, they are super affectionate and faithful animals that need the love and affection of their family to grow up healthy and strong.

That's why our personalised food bowls are also designed by and for them. Normally cats don't have this imperious need to eat, in fact if you have a cat you will know that they should have food in their bowl throughout the day, as they are more independent animals that eat many times a day but in smaller quantities, they are also smaller animals, which cannot reach the size of large breed dogs so our small food bowl would be the perfect item to give them their food in a comfortable and easy way.

Now all you have to do is think about what design you want for your pet and personalise their bowl to make it perfect for them, we're sure they'll be thrilled to have their own personalised bowl. It will be the envy of all her furry friends.

Personalised bowl for cats