Personalised drawstring bag total

£ 17.76
Deliver between 29 July - 2 August.

Colour of rope
  • Measurements: 34 cm (width) x 42 cm (height)
  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit
  • Total printing on both sides.
  • Reinforced corners. Eyelets in dark metallic colour.
  • Capacity: 15 liters. Suitable for washing machine and dryer.
  • Material: Oxford fabric (waterproof and 100% polyester).
  • ID: #2970-12108
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Personalised drawstring backpacks

With the day to day, we must be well equipped, so we have created personalised drawstring backpacks with photo. They are perfect for everyday use, both for their comfort and their design.

Personalised drawstring bags are one of our most popular gifts. Sack bags are very popular as they are light, comfortable and practical for getting around town or on trips. They consist of a fabric sack with strings to carry them on your back. Here you can personalise your string backpacks online, with any photo, design, image or text, and make a gift for yourself, or give to a friend or relative.

They are a fabric bag with strings that you carry on your back and they are very useful for moving around the city and for travelling thanks to their lightness.

sack shaped backpack

This is known as a drawstring backpack or petate. They are ideal for everyday use. What's more, as you can personalise it as you like, it's a very original gift for you or for other people.

You can put any design, image or text you want on it. It's a great gift for both women and men


Thanks to their lightness and shape, they are also perfect if you go to the gym. The Gymsack backpack is very practical for this type of activity, as they are very comfortable.

You can make it different and special, customising it as you like, so that you won't get the typical confusion of carrying the same backpacks.

Customised string backpack with photos

Always carry with you the most fashionable backpack, our customisable sack backpack. The entire surface can be personalised to your liking with your best photos, designs or texts. We also provide you with various pre-designed templates that you can adapt as little as you like.

This model is also known as a string backpack or customised gymsack. It has a capacity of approximately 15 litres, and the drawstring is coloured, so you can choose between different tones to match your design. This one is 8 mm thick and 150 cm long.

It's ideal for back to school and to carry your lunch, but also for day to day life and go shopping, to the gym, to the swimming pool, hiking in the mountains... It's very practical and is a must-have for all kinds of people.

The only ones with total print

We are the only company that offers totally printed personalised string backpacks. With us, you can take maximum care of the details to get a unique and special model that you won't find in other shops.

Personalisation is on both sides and on the entire surface, so there will be no areas left unpersonalised, as can happen with other brands. Create the most special personalisation and show off your backpack wherever you go, because everyone will want one just like it.

Cleaning instructions

  • Machine washable
  • Maximum washing temperature: 30°.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Iron on low heat.
  • Dryer safe. Tumble dry on low heat.

All measurements of these textile products are approximate and may be affected by the image transfer and manufacturing process.

Quality guarantee

Textile products labelled with the OEKO-TEX® mark guarantee that all their components meet the required control criteria, including accessories such as rivets, buttons, zips, interlinings, etc. Textile products with the OEKO-TEX® quality seal have skin-friendly properties.

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