Personalised engraved long keyring

Personalised engraved long keyring

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  • Measurements: 2,6 cm (width) x 4,6 cm (height) x 0,2 cm (thickness)
  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit
  • Two options: Engraved on one or two sides
  • Material: steel.
  • Includes swivel snap hook with trigger.
  • ID: #4845
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At your fingertips

There is nothing more annoying than spending several minutes looking for the keys, not finding them and having the need to empty your bag or backpack. With our engraved key rings, you will find it the first time, because it has an elongated size so you can pick it up easily.

Rectangular metal key rings with elongated shape and rounded narrow sides. These key rings are personalised by direct engraving on the surface. You can engrave any image, logo or text. When engraved it will not be seen in color: they are not photos printed on the keychain, but they are engraved. This produces an especially elegant and original result. It's a nice detail to give on Mother's Day or Father's Day, or for any special occasion.

You can design it to your liking, engraving on one or two sides an image, date or special text. They are very elegant and can be an incredible gift for Christmas, birthdays or just because. Surprise whoever you want with this unique model.