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Create the most original folders

Today, children have school supplies of all colors, sizes and very original shapes. An indispensable item are the school folders. In them they keep notes, their homework and drawings which they cannot lose. For this reason, we have created this section where we have compiled our different models of economic personalised folders.

These personalised folders are perfect for children. But they are not the only ones who can use them, the adults too can keep and file all type of documents and have them better classified. This way, we don't lose anything.

Here you will find up to three different models which you can design completely to your liking. Don't you know how to customize a folder? Don't worry, because we are going to tell you how you can do it step by step.

How to decorate a folder

Our editor is very simple to use and intuitive. In it, you can upload your photos, designs or texts you want and you can decorate as you want the product. We list our ideas so you can decorate it with pleasure:

  • Decorate it with photos: we know that there is nothing more personal than decorating it with photographs, so what could be better than doing it with a collage. They never go out of style and look great in this product.
  • Take advantage of the drawings of your little ones: for sure you will have a thousand drawings of the little one at home. Now you can scan those drawings, convert them into .JPG and upload them to our editor. This way you will be able to put it as one more image and take your little one with you.
  • With a little text: if you are looking for a more sober and elegant style, we recommend you to use a nice typography and that the main design is text. The result will be fantastic.
  • Use our pre-designed templates: if design is not your thing, we put at your disposal several templates that you can adapt to your taste and thus obtain an incredible model.

As you can see you can make the most of our folders with any design. You only have to decide which one to keep, although we know that it is not going to be an easy task, because they are all great.

Folder glues, the most popular

The most used children's folders are the rubber ones. This particular model is a cardboard folder A4 that you can personalise with the design you want of our pre-designed templates or create one yourself from scratch. It is very simple and is the best way for your little one's material to stand out from the rest.

Customization allows you to make models with designs, drawings or texts. Everything you can imagine! Now you can create customized folders online in the easiest way. These are very comfortable and manageable for them, so they can always carry it with them and not lose anything.

They are also a very recurrent element among adults in offices, at home and at events. You can design them with the logo of the company or with the poster of an event, for example. They are very practical and you will give them a lot of use.

File folder, a classic

The plastic folders with rubber are a classic in offices and also in any home. But this model, in addition, is archivist. Its main feature is that it has a greater depth, compared to the others. That's why it's more practical. We recommend it especially for older children so that they can store more documents of each type.

Like the other models, it is also fully customizable and its material is resistant, so the documents will be perfectly stored and secure in it. There is no risk of losing them or damaging them.

Folders for making notes

In addition to creating folders with photos, we also have a different model that includes a notepad inside. It is very practical because in it you can store documents, cards and also accounts with sheets to write down everything you need. These decorated folders can also be used as a notebook. It is ideal for events, mainly, and you can decorate it with your company logo.

If you like more these models with notepad, we have more cheap personalised folders in different sizes (A4, A5, A6). You decide which one is best suited to what you are looking for. It is our most complete model.