Personalised keyring with name

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  • Measurements: 0,5 cm (thickness)
  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit
  • Material: methacrylate. Various colours to choose from.
  • Up to 12 characters of text.
  • The size is variable depending on the length of the text. Maximum width: 8 cm. Maximum height: 3 cm.
  • Includes swivel snap hook with trigger.
  • ID: #15973-98538
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customise keyrings with Name or Text

Name-shaped keyrings give a new twist to the concept of personalised keyrings. With this type of keyring, you decide what name or text you want to appear. It can be any word or any text, as long as it's within the character limit. We will manufacture a keyring with the silhouette of the name you have sent.

You can choose from different materials. The keyring can be made of elegant wood, or high-quality and thick methacrylate. Whatever the material, the keyring will have the shape of the text you have chosen, with a very smooth finish to make it pleasant to the touch. Additionally, you can choose from different colour variants and different typography to make the keyring entirely to your liking.

The measurements are variable, depending on the length of the name or word you enter. In any case, the maximum length is 8 cm and the maximum height is 3 cm. The size of each letter will vary depending on the name. Thus, if the keyring contains a name of 3 letters, they will be larger than if the keyring has a name formed by 12 characters.

Name keyring for Backpack

This type of keyring with shape is a perfect gift for anyone, regardless of gender or age. Although it is true that it is customary to use them in the form of name keyrings for children. When going to school with their backpack on their back, many boys and girls like to carry a keyring with their name hanging on it. It serves to identify whose backpack it is and also gives an original decorative touch.

Customised name-shaped keyring

Many adults also carry keyrings with their name, or the name of their partner or child, either as a keyring in their basic use of keeping keys or to hang on bags, backpacks, strollers, etc.

3D Name keyrings

This type of silhouette keyring is also known as "3D name keyrings". The reason is that, being cut with the exact shape of the letters that form the name, the final appearance of the product is three-dimensional, with a relief that gives an elegant and very original appearance.

An idea where personalised keyrings with names can be useful is in a corporate event or wedding. You can customise keyrings with the names of the guests or with the name of the company and distribute them as gifts so that the guests can take them as a souvenir. They can also be useful as gifts for employees or clients, and can be personalised with the person's or company's name.

Personalised keyrings can also be useful for easily identifying keys from different places, such as the beach house, your city apartment, the village house, etc. By having the name of the place on the keyring, confusion of keys can be avoided and they can be easily identified.

As for materials, the choice between wood or acrylic will depend on personal preference and the intended use. Wooden keyrings can have a more rustic, warm, and natural look, while acrylic ones can have a more modern and elegant look. Both materials are durable and resistant, making them ideal for daily use.

personalised wooden keyring with name