Personalised spanish ludo & game of the goose

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  • Includes cups and dice.
  • In the spanish ludo, the "house" of each player is personalised.
  • In the goose game, 14 squares and the centre of the board are personalised.
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I looked to find a feedback page but couldn't see one so I thought I'd contact you this way because I simply HAD to tell you just how utterly beautiful the blanket is that I ordered,which arrived today. Absolutely stunning,especially as I was a little worried that one of the photographs I submitted might have been a bit less sharp than the other. I ordered it in time for Christmas for my sister-in-law who lives in London and suffers from M.S. thinking it would be a lovely little snuggle item for her...."Kevin" is still very much with her but dear little "Tilly" never forgotten. Now that it has actually arrived I honestly believe she is going to feel rather more strongly about it than as merely a is beyond lovely and the quality of both the prints and the blanket are superb. I'm now very seriously considering ordering one of our beloved dogs that are no longer with us,just for me and my would be absolutely gorgeous,I'm sure and you included a card with a generous 30% discount code so I may well be back shortly; in the meantime I simply wanted to let you know that when I opened the parcel this afternoon me and my husband were open-mouthed at such a beautiful,lovely item. Thank you very,very is truly beyond my expectations.

Karen (Isle of Wight)

I ordered a personalised polar blanket for my mum as a Christmas present and she absolutely loves it - I think my dad is actually jealous! I am so pleased with the quality of the blanket and the print quality of the photos included on it. I would definitely order from you again, and my parents have asked for the link to the website so they can buy some more goods from you in the future as well. Very happy customer - thank you :)

Gemma (Surrey)

My order has just arrived! It looks fantastic, thank you to you and your team. I will definitely be recommending to my friends!

Jon (London)


Customized board games

Remember those afternoons at home playing mythical games with the whole family, such as the game of the goose? Now you can revive those afternoons because table games are back in the game. However, you can do it in a different way than the traditional one.

We have completely personalised games of the goose and spanish ludos. Put pictures of you and your family to make them more personal and you will get to have a different board to the original. You can buy the complete pack to spend more hours of family fun. It is an ideal gift at Christmas.

Set of parchis and game of the goose

The two most famous games are now personalised: parchis and game of the goose personalised with photos. These are classics that never go out of style and that they like very much to play with friends and family. Because there is nothing better than rescuing those old afternoons of board games with whom you want.

They are delivered in two different boards, one with the game of the goose and the other with the parchis. We also include the cups and dice so that as soon as you receive them you can start playing without stopping. But what differentiates them from others is the customization, because you won't find another one like it in stores.

In the personalised parchis, the ""house"" of each player is personalised and in it you can put the photo of the player in his favourite colour. While in the personalised game of the goose 14 boxes and the center of the board are designed. Those boxes belong to the ones that make you jump from goose to goose.

It is a must in any home and now you have the opportunity to have the most exclusive model with your favorite photos. Recover with us the tradition and enjoy in family with these fun board games.

The perfect ludo for families

A spanish ludo with photos! For many years to come, the parcheesi will always be the king of all board games. Once you start a game, you can't stop until you finish! And if, in addition, it is a personalised parcheesi, much more fun. You can customize each ""house"" of the board, so that each player has his area completely personalised, with his photo or preferred image.

Material: DM wood with polyester coating.

Create your parcheesi for 4 or for 6 players

Available templates from:

  • 4-colour Patches
  • Wood Color Patch
  • ludo Warhol Colors
  • ludo Hexagonal 6 players
  • ludo Round 6 players

What is the origin of the spanish ludo or parchis?

The original name is pachisi, and was invented in India in the 16th century. The parchis is a variation of this first original game.

The design was created based on the gardens of Emperor Abdul Momin. The center of the board represents the throne where the emperor was placed in his courtyard. On the other hand, the counters represent Indian women who moved with the aim of being able to play for the emperor.

I got on the goose, I get double!

The traditional goose board game, now revived. Make your own design and play with your family and friends the goose in a totally different way, you will be the most original of all! Get your hands on this game made with the latest printing technology, and surprise yourself with its qualities.

You can customize the center of the board (the goal of the game) with a large photo. And also 14 boxes along the course of the game, with 14 different photos. These personalised boxes are the gooses.

How was the goose game invented?

The origin of the goose game is somewhat confusing and with several theories or possible authors. The first versions of the game appeared at the end of the 19th century and were decorated with illustrations related to that time.

The strongest theory says that the first version was a game that Francis I of Medici of Florence gave to Philip II of Spain in the middle of the 16th century.

But it is also said that the origin is much older, as it is said that this game was invented by the Greeks in about the 13th century BC. There was an archaeological discovery, the Disco de Phaistos, which dates back to 2000 B.C. and could confirm this origin.