Personalised mini photo book keyring 18p

Personalised mini photo book keyring 18p

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  • Measurements: 3,9 cm (width) x 3,8 cm (height)
  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit
  • Cover and back cover material: leatherette.
  • Includes 9 double sheets (18 pages).
  • The 9 sheets are personalised.
  • ID: #5776-2537
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Mini keychain album

There are people who love to always carry photos of their family, friends or partner with them. Do you count yourself among them? We do, so we want to recommend our mini photo album keychain, because it fulfills that dual function that you need: organize your keys and bring photos of who you want.

This small album is composed of nine double sheets (18, in total) and all are personalised with the photographs, designs or texts that you want. It is very appreciated, because it's different from everything you'll find out there.

Both the cover and the back cover is made of leatherette, making the keychain elegant and durable. It is a very cheap gift but of great quality, which makes it a great gift for anyone.

Keyring with personalised mini photo album

This miniature photo album keyring is a great gift idea for several reasons. Firstly, it's a practical way to carry a photo album with you at all times. Instead of having to carry a physical book or an additional electronic device, you can keep the photos handy on the keyring. Also, by allowing the photo album to be customisable, the gift becomes even more personal and emotional. For example, you could choose photos that are special or meaningful to the person you are giving the key ring to, such as holiday photos or photos of important moments in their life, with their partner, children, pets, etc.

Another advantage of the miniature photo book keyring is that it is a modern and practical gift. Many people no longer carry physical photo albums, but prefer to store their photos digitally. A miniature photo book keyring is a way of giving a traditional gift (a photo book) in a more modern and contemporary way.