Personalised natural wood keyrings

Personalised natural wood keyrings

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  • Measurements: 3,5 cm (width) x 6,5 cm (height)
  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit
  • The measurements, shape, thickness and colour may vary slightly, as it is a natural product created by cutting.
  • Elegant nature line key rings.
  • Engraved on one side.
  • Choose between two different shapes: round and oval.
  • ID: #15204
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Personalised natural key rings

Our natural wood engraved key rings are the perfect combination of the beauty of nature and customisation according to your needs. Each of these key rings is made from beech wood, naturally cut, which guarantees that each piece is unique in texture, colour, thickness and shape. No two keyrings are ever the same, making them truly unique and distinct.

Personalisation is the strong point of these key rings. You have the freedom to choose any text, name or date you wish to engrave on the surface of the wood. If you have a special design, photograph or logo in mind, we can engrave it on the keyring, making it a truly personal and unique gift.

You can choose between two different shapes for your personalised keyrings: oval or round. The special thing about these key rings is that they retain the imperfections typical of the natural cut of the wood, which gives them a rustic and authentic charm. Every detail and nuance of the wood is evidence of its natural origin and the craftsmanship behind each piece.

These personalised natural keyrings are ideal as gifts for a variety of occasions. For example, if you are planning a wedding, they are a perfect gift for your guests, as they represent the beauty of nature and the uniqueness of your special day. They are also an excellent choice as a gift for friends and family who value this type of ecological and sustainable products, as beech wood is an environmentally friendly material.

Besides being beautiful and unique, these engraved natural wood key rings are practical. Your loved ones can use them to carry their house, car or office keys, and when they see them they will remember you and this detail. Not only are they a practical accessory, but they are also a miniature work of art that will stand out in any keyring collection.

Engraved natural wood keyrings