Personalised sarong

£ 23.10
Deliver between 29 July - 2 August.

  • Measurements: 160 cm (width) x 100 cm (height)
  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit
  • 100% of the surface of the sarong is personalised.
  • Add your design to one side.
  • Suitable for washing machine
  • ID: #6742
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Personalised sarong

With the arrival of good weather and heat, the long afternoons in the swimming pool or at the beach start to feel like it. Whether alone or in company, don't forget to always be well equipped: towel, something to drink, sun protection and our personalised pareo. It is very practical and, thanks to its size (160x100 cm), you can place it as you want.

Designed on one side and made 100% on the surface of the same. In such a way, you can personalise it to your liking and create a collage of photos or with single images or texts.

How to get a sarong

Few products can be used in as many ways as a sarong. Depending on your size you can wear it one way or another, find the one you find most comfortable. If you don't know how to tie a pareo, we are going to give you some ideas to make the most of it:

  • Long skirt mode: it's the easiest, just place it around your waist like a towel.
  • Tied on one side: if you think it's too long the other way around, you just have to bend it and join one corner with another to make a triangle shape. Then you place it on your waist and tie it with the two corners on one side. One leg will be more covered than the other, but it gives a more casual look.
  • As a dress: the simplest way is to wrap from the chest around the body and then tie a knot in front of it. But you have other ways to do it so that you feel more comfortable. For example: place the end around your neck and tie it like a tie. Then you only have to tie it at waist height from behind.

Washing instructions

If you don't know what fabric is used for pareo, we'll tell you that depending on the manufacturer you can opt for cotton, rayon or, as in our case, polyester. This type of fabric does not wear easily and allows us to personalise it. Next, we give you some washing instructions for a longer duration and care of your pareo with photo or design:

  • Apto for washing machine.
  • Maximum wash temperature: 30°.
  • Do not use bleach.
  • Iron at low temperature.
  • Do not tumble dry.

All measurements of these textiles are approximate and may be affected by the process of image transfer and image making.

Washing Instructions