Personalised Shoulder Bags

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Shoulder bags

We spend most of our time away from home. We need to keep a lot of things we need in our day to day life. So if you're looking for cheap shoulder bags, you're in the right place.

You can use our pre-designed templates or make your own design with a photograph, text or design.

Here we show you our different models to choose and customize to taste.

Bandolier woman

Women's shoulder bags never go out of style. They are very comfortable and perfect to wear every day. This type of bags can be carried anywhere: women's shoulder bags for university, school shoulder bags...

They are a very original gift to make for birthdays or Mother's Day. A gift that they will love to have because it will be totally thought for her. Use different designs or beautiful photographs and you will make the bag, a must in your day to day.

We have different models: with denim fabric, textile... All are customizable and allow you to create a unique design with which to make a difference. In addition, we include the handle so that you can wear them.

Shoulder bag man

Our models are unisex, so you can also find men's shoulder bags. You have different types, but all are fully customizable. In such a way that your shoulder bag for man will be unique and different from the rest.

The modern man should always carry one with him where to keep his things. It is a gift intended for dates such as birthdays or Father's Day. Although you can also surprise him with one of our bags because it is always a good time to make a special gift.

Book bags are widely used. And our best model for that is the "Eva RP Handbag" model. It is divided into different compartments and allows you to carry everything perfectly stored.