Personalised shoulder bags

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  • Measurements: 18 cm (width) x 23 cm (height) x 6 cm (depth)
  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit
  • Includes an interior pocket without a zipper.
  • Capacity: 2.50 litres.
  • The cover can be personalised.
  • Several zips and compartments.
  • Includes long handle for hanging.
  • ID: #5407
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Personalised shoulder bags with cover

We spend most of our time away from home. We need to be well equipped, but not just anything goes. We need to store a lot of things we need for our day to day lives. So, if you are looking for original shoulder bags, you are in the right place.

At Wanapix, we love our personalised shoulder bags. In all the models, we personalise the top of the bag, the front part, the part that is visible to the outside, to show off the personalisation. You can use our pre-designed templates or make your own design with a photo, text or design.

Here are our different models to choose from and customised to your liking.

Personalised denim bags

There are fabrics that never go out of fashion, such as denim, for example. If you love this type of fabric, our personalised denim bags with photos are just what you need. They go with almost anything and are ideal for everyday use.

They are available in two different sizes and both have a large capacity, perfect for carrying all your stuff in your routine. Both have a handle for easy hanging and zip closure. They are also machine washable (but not tumble dryable).

The personalisation is done on the cover art of the bag, which closes with velcro. On it, you can put the photograph, design or text you want, and thus get the most exclusive model. You can also choose any of our pre-designed templates and adapt them with your photos or texts.

Personalised shoulder bags in denim

The small bag has an interior pocket without zip and a capacity of 2.50 litres. The larger one has two outside pockets and one inside zipped pocket, plus a larger capacity: 5 litres. Choose the one that best suits what you are looking for and get the most original personalised denim messenger bag on the market.

Personalised textile shoulder bag with photos

Looking for a practical bag for everyday use? Our fabric shoulder bag is the one that can best accompany you in your routine and carry your things perfectly stored and organised. It has a very youthful look. We can say that they are made of "standard" fabric, as opposed to the denim-like fabric of the other models.

The cover can be personalised and you can put a photograph, design or text of your choice on it. You will get the most exclusive model, as you won't find another one like it in shops. This bag has long handles and can be put in the washing machine when you want to wash it, but not in the dryer, as is the case with jeans.

The shoulder bag has a capacity of approximately 5 litres. The cover which is also the lid is sewn to the bag with velcro, and has several zips and different compartments in which to distribute all your things.

It is an ideal gift for any occasion, because it is very practical and comfortable for the daily routine. Surprise whoever you want with an exclusive design and give them a gift they will never forget.

A perfect bag for women and men

Shoulder bags for women never go out of fashion. They are very comfortable and perfect to carry on a daily basis. This kind of bags can be taken anywhere: to university, school bags, etc.

Personalised shoulder bags with many rooms

They are a very original gift for birthdays or Mother's Day. A basic accessory that she will love to have because it will be totally designed for her. Use different designs of beautiful photographs and you will make the bag an essential in her day to day life.

We have different models: with denim (in different sizes), or textile. All of them are customisable and allow you to carry a unique design to make a difference. We also include a handle so you can hang them up.

Our models are unisex, so they can also be used as shoulder bags for men. The modern man should always carry a bag with him where he can keep his things: mobile phone, wallet, keys, handkerchiefs, chewing gum, etc. It is a gift designed for dates such as birthdays or Father's Day. Although you can also surprise him with one of our bags because yes, it is always a good time to give a special gift.