Personalised wood slice ornament

Personalised wood slice ornament

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  • Measurements: 1 cm (thickness) x 10ø cm (diameter)
  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit
  • The measurements, shape, thickness and colour may vary slightly, as it is a natural product created by cutting.
  • Personalised on one side.
  • Materials: pine wood and jute cord.
  • Elegant ornaments with a natural line. Ideal Christmas decoration.
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Personalised wooden box

Christmas and Christmas decorations always go hand in hand, we all love to decorate our home during these special holidays and the decorative details have a great role in our homes, helping us to give it a magical and festive touch.

If there is a decorative style that is currently making waves in homes, it is the Nordic style and this style also extends to the decoration of the home during this magical time of year.

If you are a fan of Scandinavian interior design you will love this article, you will dress up your Christmas home in the most special way with our personalised wooden Christmas ornament. Perhaps it is because of its serene, clean atmospheres, its light and bright colours, but above all because of the use of natural materials. Nordic style decoration is one of the most successful trends today in the decoration of many homes.

These personalised wooden slices are perfect to hang on the Christmas tree or can also be used to decorate a room or a piece of furniture giving it a more rural style, even outside the Christmas season.

Our personalised wood slice ornament can be personalised on one side with the design you like the most from those we offer or you can also create your own design with our online editor.

They are made of pine wood and the cord is made of jute, a material in brown tones that will give you the same warmth that the wood has. They are created by cutting it manually. Due to that, the size, texture, colour and thickness can vary, making the items unique. There won’t be two of the same slices of wood.

Personalised wood slice ornaments for christmas trees

Go for a more natural Christmas decoration this year and give your home the warmth it deserves. Use your creativity and imagination and personalise the perfect slice for you or give it as a present this Christmas.

Personalise your wooden slice with a unique design

In this category you will find different options for personalising wooden slices, with designs for children, romantic moments, Christmas and even designs designed for pets, which are a very important part of the family too. You can choose any of the designs we offer or you can customise your wooden hanging slices from scratch.

You only have to choose the wooden slice and upload the image or design you want and we will take care of adding your motif one of the sides of the slice. It will be a memory that will last forever, the kind you will never forget.

They are perfect for decorating the Christmas tree, but they can also be used to decorate any room even if it is not Christmas time. Moreover, you can combine them perfectly on the tree together with the round personalised Christmas baubles, as you will create an original decoration and different from the rest of the houses and homes out there. This year your Christmas tree will be on the lips of all your friends and family and they’ll simply love it.

Personalised wood slice ornament with name

Personalised wood slice ornaments as a gift

Personalised ornaments of slices of wood have become very fashionable in recent years and not only as Christmas decorations, but also as gifts at events, for example weddings, baptisms, communions, etc. You can make a slice with the name of each guest and place it on their seat so that when they arrive at their table they can see that you have thought of every detail down to the last millimetre for each one of them. We are sure they will love it.

Now unleash your creativity and create the perfect souvenir for you or your loved ones.