Personalised Non-woven promotional bags

tote bag
£ 3.52
Deliver between 26 July - 1 August.

  • Measurements: 40 cm (width) x 36 cm (height)
  • No minimum quantity, from 1 unit
  • Capacity: 8.5 litres.
  • Without gusset.
  • Material: Non-woven fabric.
  • Personalised on 1 side.
  • Very economical, fine material, ideal as a promotional or advertising gift, events and merchandising.
  • Great discounts for quantities.
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Custom Cheap Fabric Bags for Advertising and Merchandising

If you are looking for an economical and eco-friendly way to promote your brand or event, our custom fabric bags are the perfect choice. Made with non-woven material (also known as notela fabric), these bags are not only durable but also an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable plastic bags. We offer a wide range of customization options, as well as different bag models, sizes, and shapes, so you can create a unique and attractive design that represents your brand or business. Due to the material used, these bags are not suitable for washing machine or dryer.

Our custom fabric bags are ideal for advertising, events, merchandising, and businesses looking for wholesale bags. With the ability to print your logo, company name, design, image, photo, or text on the bags, you will have a powerful marketing tool in your hands. Imagine the impact your brand will make when your customers, employees, or event attendees receive and carry these personalized bags, showcasing your brand to the world.

The bags have handles for convenient transportation and have gussets, meaning they have a bottom base that gives them a large volume capacity. We offer quantity discounts, so the more bags you order with the same design, the cheaper the unit price of each bag will be. We can accommodate and fulfill orders of large quantities as well as orders of a single bag without a minimum order requirement.

Bolsas de tela baratas personalizadas para publicidad y merchandising

Uses and Possibilities of Custom Fabric Bags

These bags are so versatile that they adapt to different occasions and situations. For example, they are a very practical gift or giveaway to build customer loyalty. You can surprise them at special events such as company anniversaries, product launch parties, or celebrations. By giving them a personalized fabric bag, you will not only bring them joy by gifting them a practical item, but you will also demonstrate your commitment to them.

In addition, our custom fabric bags are an ideal gift for event attendees (conferences, fairs, presentations, award ceremonies, etc.). If you are organizing a conference, trade show, or convention, these bags are a great way to offer a useful and long-lasting memento. Participants can carry promotional materials, brochures, and giveaways, all in a bag that bears your printed brand. Not only will you facilitate their mobility at the event by allowing them to carry their belongings in the bag, but you will also create a lasting connection with your customers.

Let's not forget the corporate realm; businesses. If you are looking for a way to promote your company and reinforce a sense of team spirit among your employees, our personalized bags are a great option. You can distribute them as gifts at meetings, internal events, or as year-end gifts. Your employees will feel valued and have a sense of belonging by carrying a bag that represents their affiliation with the company.

In addition to these occasions, our custom fabric bags with handles are also widely used to promote social causes and charitable events. You can create designs that show your support for nonprofit organizations, social movements, or environmental causes. By using our personalized bags as part of your corporate social responsibility strategy, you will not only raise awareness but also contribute to the well-being of society.

Bolsas de tela personalizadas con logo

The Best Bags to Promote Your Brand or Event

Undoubtedly, our cheap custom fabric bags are a smart choice for promoting your brand, events, or businesses in need of wholesale bags. With affordable yet durable materials and customization options, these bags become a highly effective advertising medium. Their durability ensures that your logo or brand remains visible over time, generating a constant impact in the minds of your customers and those who see them.

Seize this opportunity to stand out in your industry and differentiate yourself from your competition. Our custom fabric bags are an economical option that allows you to reach a wide audience without spending large amounts on traditional advertising. Furthermore, by being reusable and environmentally friendly, you will demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and promote responsible practices.

Placing your order at Wanapix is quick and easy. You just need to select the bag style you prefer, create your design from scratch or edit one of our pre-designed templates, and we'll take care of the rest. Our fast and high-quality production process ensures that you will receive your personalized bags in no time, ready to be used and distributed.