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Personalised wedding banners

Personalised banners for weddings

Are you getting married soon and want to decorate your event in an original way? We have what you are looking for. With our personalised banners you can give an original and unique touch to one of the most important days of your life.

The decoration of the wedding is a very important aspect in the organisation of the event. And as a good bride and groom, you will surely want to take care of every detail and you are concerned about finding the decoration that best suits your tastes and the style of the wedding you want to celebrate. All this, of course, without forgetting two of the main objectives: to please your guests and surprise them in the most original way and also that they enjoy the wedding party. IIf you are the bride and groom it's also important that the decoration of your wedding and wedding reception is made to your liking. At the end of the day it's your wedding and your special day.

Design a wedding banner for photocalls

From a few years ago until now, a photocall is a must at a wedding. An area where the bride and groom, family and friends will love to have their photos taken to keep a souvenir of that day in your wedding.

The photocall will be a decorative element that will not go unnoticed during your celebration. You can choose from a multitude of designs to suit all decorative styles. Slightly simpler versions with your names and the date of the wedding as a decorative frame or opt for more modern and fun designs that will surprise your guests.

Are you not sure what a photocall is? It's basically taking place at the entrace to the event. The groom and bride will hire a photographer who's taking photos of everyone arriving infront of a unique banner. It could be a banner with a unique text such as John and Aofie's wedding or Welcome to the craziest wedding ever. It's up to the groom and bride to figure out how they wish to arrange their photocall.

In this section, you will find an endless number of pre-designed templates that you can modify to make them your own with just a few clicks. If you are a handyman and you like to create your own designs, here you can also play at being a designer. Create your personalised banner from scratch. You can customise it to match the decoration you have chosen for that special day. We will make sure it looks perfect for the occasion.

Personalise it with the photos, images, designs or text of your choice. They are made of high quality PVC, you can choose plain or micro-perforated. Both are waterproof and have eyelets on both sides so you can attach them wherever you need. You have several sizes to choose from in both materials, choose the one that best suits your needs or the type of decoration you want to make and they are sure to look great.

Photocalls are usually used both indoors and outdoors and are especially popular during the dance and the party. All your guests will queue up to be photographed next to it and have a souvenir of this special day next to your wedding photocall.

You can also add props such as sunglasses, hats, bow ties, coloured ties, bows etc. to make each photo different. With these decorative elements, fun is guaranteed. You've probably already tried something similar at other parties, where they had rented a machine that would take funny pictures of you and everyone else at the party. You can do exactly the same at the photocall. However, the most common thing is to have a pro-photographer taking the pictures of you, your partner, group images or maybe even with the bride and groom.

Different wedding banner uses

The most popular element created with this material are photocalls, but you can also use it to make a canvas with a welcome message on arrival at the restaurant. It is also widely used to make a nice sitting plan, that is, so that all the guests can see on a personalised banner where they will be seated and who will be their companions at the table.

You just have to think about how you want to personalise it and give it your personal touch. You will surely create a perfect decorative or informative element for that special day.

Personalised banners

Most people call them custom banners, but another popular term for them is banner. There is no difference between custom banners and personalised banners, both terms refer to the same type of product. If you need a personalised banner with photos, images or designs, with our editor, you can customise your banner completely to your liking. The best thing about our editor is that it will show you a preview, so you can see how it will look and receive your personalised banner just as you designed it.

Do you already know where you are going to place your personalised banner or what the design will be? Let your imagination run wild and we will help you make it look ideal.