Personalised gifts for wedding witnesses

Gifts for wedding witnesses

When organising a wedding there are so many details to consider. You'll want to consider the people who in one way or another have been part of every step or decision you've taken to make your wedding perfect.

When we think of these people, the first ones that come to mind are the wedding witnesses. The bride and groom select their witnesses according to the appreciation and trust they have with them. They play a very important role in weddings and will accompany them for the rest of your days in an even more special way.

Gift options for wedding witnesses

If you still don't know what to give your wedding witnesses, here are some ideal options that we are sure they will love.

  • Personalised socks: this is a detail that has been gaining a lot of momentum in recent years. Our personalised socks are one of the best selling gifts, especially for male witnesses, you can personalise them with funny phrases such as: "I am a witness to the love of the bride and groom" or "I am the coolest witness on the planet" any phrase you can think of can be printed on our personalised socks. We are sure that at the time of the party they will provoke a lot of laughter. It will be nice if you can immortalise a photo where you can see the socks. It will be a memory that will last forever.

Another detail that we think is ideal to give as a gift to the witnesses are:

  • Personalised mugs: a more common gift over the years but it doesn’t make it less boring. You can personalise in an original way with phrases or images that have never been used before. If you want to ask your friends or a loved one to be your witness, you can do it by putting an original and funny phrase on one of our personalised mugs.

One option that is gaining more and more fame and replacing the mugs are also the:

  • Personalised beer mugs: the same thing that happens with mugs can be done with beer mugs, imagine making a set, a cardboard box that you like... a personalised beer mug for each witness and a slightly more atypical beer to accompany the toast in which you will celebrate that those special people will be the witnesses of your wedding. We are already imagining the moment. Unforgettable, for sure.

The cheaper options

We also have other ideas that are a little more economical for wedding witnesses, such as:

  • Personalised badges: the badges are usually a big hit, they can be customised and personalised with any cool design you can think of, it’s a pretty common thing to decorate them with original phrases that make all the guests have a nice and fun time. Phrases such as: "I am the witness of the wedding", "I am the most handsome witness" "I am the nicest witness in the world". Any phrase you can think of can be printed on our personalised badges to create a unique little gift.
  • The Personalised pens are also a great gift option for wedding witnesses, a personalised pen to sign on one of the most important days of their lives.

These are just some of the gift ideas for wedding witnesses, but on our website you can find over 1000 items to personalise that we are sure will make the perfect gift for wedding witnesses.